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Water temperature on the beaches in Uruguay

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La Barra, Uruguay | © Ariel Bentos

Current water temperature. Prediction of changes in water temperature in Uruguay. Historical data.

Water temperature in Uruguay today

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Conditions of sea water on beaches in Uruguay

Now the water temperature on the beaches in Uruguay is cool. Swimming in this water can be uncomfortable.

The water temperature in Uruguay tends to decrease, its value has decreased both in the last 10 days and during the month.

Martin Chico, Uruguay | © Zulma Pereyra

Today the warmest water in Uruguay is recorded in Barra de Valizas. Its value in this place is 17.4 ° C. And the coldest is in Kiyu, whose value is 14.2 ° C.

The trend can be seen in the graph. It shows the change in the average sea surface temperature over the past two months.

For the two most popular places to swim in Uruguay, the graphs of changes in average water temperature over the year are as follows:

We process, analyze and store data for every beach and city in Uruguay. Below is a table with current weather data and trends in some places in the country.

Climate in Uruguay

Martin Chico, Uruguay | © Zulma Pereyra

Uruguay is located in South America. The country is washed by the Atlantic. Uruguay is a small country. To determine the water temperature, we only track ten settlements or resorts.

Subtropical oceanic areas inland near the mainland. Average temperatures in July (winter) + 10-12 o C, January (summer) + 22-24 o C. The amount of precipitation is 1000-1200 mm. per year, mainly from June to September.

Uruguay: regions

We show the surface temperature of the water in the following regions of the country:

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Uruguay: oceans and seas

We monitor the following oceans and seas washing the land. Just go to the page for a specific reservoir and see the temperature in all the settlements on the coast.