What does Dushanbe mean in Persian Farsi

Persian, the


Pompeo announced that the United States would in future produce content for TV, radio and social media in Persian in order to have a direct influence on the Iranian population. [Süddeutsche Zeitung, July 24, 2018]

In contrast to Kazakhs and Turkmens, who are descended from Mongolian and Turkish peoples, Tajiks are of Persian descent, and their language, Tajik, is so similar to Persian that many Persian students prefer to study in Dushanbe rather than in politically difficult Tehran World, April 8th, 2017]

The actress, who was born in Iran […]: »When my birth certificate was translated from Persian into German, the date of birth was translated incorrectly. Actually, I was born on October 11th, but September 11th was entered in my passport. «[Picture, 09/11/2013]

All he had to do was to combine the word "football" with the word "Iran" in one report and, if possible, insert an adjective such as "impressive" or "sympathetic" and he was guaranteed a free translation into Persian. [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , 07/11/1998]