What is a safe crime scene

Moritz Eisner may be the last crime scene-Commissioner, the right handkerchief is enough when tears flow. Folded and unmistakably ironed, simple in design. A wonderful sight. A tissue handkerchief that children used to get to iron and that Sunday fathers used to wipe off their snot. On the other hand: Isn't a handkerchief very dangerous in terms of viruses? So there is a handkerchief in the crime scene not to be understood as a questionable comment?

And so to the current episode "Conspiracy". A case that, despite its title, comes across as very grounded and with that pleasantly brooded seriousness that the Viennese do crime scene with Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser) and Moritz Eisner (Harald Krassnitzer). A not very clean top official of the Ministry of the Interior gets a heart attack during marathon training. There is heat over Vienna that could explain this, but something is wrong. The top official's neighbor made a career with him, but was sacrificed after a scandal. A motive? None of this is going to be nice, at the beginning the film briefly jumps into the future, and there Eisner is at the employment agency.

One track leads to the "Safe Future Association"

"Conspiracy" tells of political clumps who build their own power structures by ignoring the rule of law. One trace leads to a "Safe Future Association", which is directed by the aforementioned neighbor, and when Eisner and Fellner ask about the relationship to the deceased, he says with an ice-cold look: "Life man is best." The fact that the two continue to investigate, unimpressed, suddenly costs Eisner his new job, which he should take up soon in The Hague, with the investigators against international corruption. He ends up in a chamber, all alone between files with hopeless cases.

The warning this crime scene pronounces and in which he by no means unpacks the large utensils of conspiracy theories, but rather laconically on the side of normal people, this warning reads: Unhindered investigation is quickly gone if corrupt followers masquerade as smart networks and gain influence. It's staged in a subtle and exciting way (director: Claudia Jüptner-Jonstorff, script: Ivo Schneider, remarkable camera: Andy Löv). Once Fellner and Eisner have a beer and look at the courtyards of the city where they have been fighting crime for years, but this Vienna suddenly belongs to the others.

The episode is available in the ARD media library (until June 8, 2021) and in the TVthek of the ORF (until May 16, 2021).