How can I decorate my kitchen

5 decorating ideas that will immediately enhance any kitchen

From myHOMEBOOK | February 19, 2020, 1:00 p.m.

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. However, if you rent, you cannot always plan it according to your own wishes. But even with simple decorating ideas, every kitchen can quickly become cozy and inviting.

Many parties find their climax here. Here people cook, but also live. And the kitchen table is not just about eating. In the course of life, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen - and with the right decoration ideas, the kitchen becomes not only a functional, but also a cozy place.

Tip: Before you can start decorating, you have to create order. All kinds of things quickly accumulate in the hotspot kitchen. However, the time for tidying up and mucking out is well invested. Only cleared window sills and work surfaces offer space for decoration and put favorite pieces in the limelight.

An overview of 5 decorating ideas in the kitchen

1. Creative kitchen walls

Most kitchen cabinets are built-in and cannot be easily remodeled. The walls of the kitchen do, however. You don't always have to use a brush or wallpaper. How about unusual posters, cool wall clocks or staged baking pans on the wall instead?

Letterboards or blackboards in the kitchen are not just an appealing decoration idea. They are also a useful reminder for the next shopping list. Alternatively, the refrigerator door can be decorated with letter magnets and used as a memo board.

Tip: Unfortunately, the tile mirror doesn't match your taste at all? The faucet or the kitchen cabinet handles have ever had better days? These things can easily be exchanged with little effort. A new coat of paint on the tiled mirror with blackboard paint also brings a breath of fresh decor into the kitchen.

2. From kitchen utensils to decorative pieces

The secret of the perfect kitchen decoration? It is not only beautiful, but also practical. Since the functional aspect is usually in the foreground when furnishing many kitchens, the space available for accessories is rather limited. So why not use the things that are already there? In concrete terms, this means: Use kitchen appliances and utensils for decorative purposes! Kitchen utensils or wooden chopping boards that match the color scheme and are practical and beautiful at the same time.

Even the candy jar, the inherited porcelain cup, beautiful glasses or the old coffee grinder from the flea market don't have to be hidden: Instead, take your favorite items out of the cupboards and put them in the limelight on open shelves, on the kitchen cupboards or on the work surface!

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Another decoration idea: With open shelves, preserving jars or stylish storage jars do more than just keep things tidy. The uniform look also avoids the colorful packaging of the food. This ensures a calm overall impression of the kitchen.

3. More fabric for the kitchen!

Gone are the days when tea towels were only narrowly checked and quickly stowed away in the farthest corner after use. Tea towels are still practical, but have now also mutated into real designer items. Original motifs decorate the cloths. Coordinated with the respective color concept, they bring freshness and, above all, color into the kitchen, so that they fit wonderfully into the overall concept - too good to hide!

But also curtains, placemats and kitchen rugs let the cosiness quickly move into the room. These accessories can easily be varied according to your mood. As a result, the kitchen decoration changes in a very short time. When choosing place mats and carpets, it is essential to pay attention to the respective care instructions - i.e. whether the accessories can also be cleaned. Washable placemats and kitchen rugs in particular pay off.

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4. Plants for the kitchen

Another quick decorating idea for the kitchen: plants! Small flower vases are ideal for the dining table and window sill. Indoor plants also increase the feel-good factor in the kitchen. For small kitchens with little space, on the other hand, hanging lights are ideal. And when it comes to plants, the principle applies: useful and beautiful at the same time. Herb pots or even a mini herb garden bring fresh greens into the kitchen and on the plates.

5. Courage for DIY decoration

If you don't have appealing vessels, beautiful crockery and matching plants, you can just do it yourself and make or build DIY decorations for the kitchen. An idea that really impresses: a self-made coffee machine! You can find out how to do this in the following article - with video instructions:

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