What is water record

EIFELLAND. If the rain doesn't come for 14 days, it will be too late for agriculture. The beets already urgently need water. The leaves of the corn curl in the glaring light of the sun.

There has been no significant rainfall since the beginning of February. Here and there there was a downpour, which occasionally led to flooding, but in total it has rained far too little this year.

A downpour would currently be of no use to the dams. 100 percent of the rain would go into the vegetation. Not until October does the precipitation fill the dams again.

The Oleftalsperre currently only receives 100 liters of water per second. Normally 1000 liters would flow. At the high temperatures, more water evaporates on the lake district than flows in. In addition, 750 liters per second are released to the olefs at the lower reaches.

"Without the dams, the Eifel rivers would look just as dreary as the Rhine," said Joachim Lange from the Eifel Rur Dam Association yesterday. In Heimbach the Rur flows in a wide stream and offers a picture of excess water, which is gratefully accepted by many water sports enthusiasts at the moment.

“We can allow ourselves to dispense around eight cubic meters per second from the Rursee dam because our dams are on average 69 percent full. The Rursee is still 82 percent full. The Urfttalsperre has a fill level of 66, the Wehebachtalsperre to 76 percent and the drinking water dam of the Olef in Hellenthal is still 53 percent full: "That is enough for the drinking water supply", says Kurt Krütgen from the water association Oleftal.

The water association is not concerned about the drought: “We have a 100-year hydrological water record in the Eifel,” says Joachim Lange. According to these records, there has never been a drought recorded for three consecutive years. “So we will survive the next year even if there is again little rainfall,” assures Lange.

The coming winter will certainly bring rainfall. Even the annual Advent flood has never "let the dam operators down". Even in a "double dry year" the available water would be sufficient - the sailors would be on the move when the water was low.

At the Rursee in flames on Saturday, the water level is always sufficient to be able to experience the fireworks from the ships.