Brock Lesnar is a nice guy

"I miss Brock Lesnar and Batista"

The latest video game prank from THQ, "WWE '12", will be released on November 22nd. This year Randy Orton graces the cover. As part of the SmackDown! World Tour, the Viper was available for an interview in Frankfurt and talked about ex-colleagues, his legendary family and revealed why he now respects gamers.

Question: What is it like for you to be in a video game and be able to play yourself?

Randy Orton: I've been to a dozen video games by now and it's obviously not as exciting as the first time. It's really cool that I'm alone on the cover of "WWE 12" for the first time. It's a great honor - who wouldn't be proud of it? I started playing video games in the summer and gained a new form of respect for gamers. That's why I like it all the more to be in games.

Question: Do you sometimes play against yourself in the THQ video games?

Orton: I am not defeating myself! (clears his throat) My favorite character in games to play with is by far myself. The fact that I'm in a game like this is pretty great per se. I still remember the feeling when I was in a video game for the first time, that was really great.

Question: But the excitement has subsided?

Orton: In the long run you dull a little against this feeling, because you are depicted on T-shirts, there are action figures of you and you constantly see yourself on TV. But it's still a great feeling. If I take myself back and look at all that I have achieved, I can consider myself really lucky. We all have personal problems and mistakes, but I am grateful for my life.

Question: Two former colleagues of yours, Brock Lesnar and Batista, are back on "WWE 12". Would you like to see either of them back in WWE?

Orton: Lesnar and I moved up from OVW to the main squad together ten years ago. In the beginning we always traveled together, covering thousands of kilometers together every week. And in a tiny car! He's like a caveman, but he's a really nice guy, a teddy bear. It was always cool to hang out with and I considered us friends back then.

Question: And nowadays?

Orton: We lost touch, but he's really impressed with what he's doing right now. I hope he continues to have success in the field. I am a family person and I know that he is one too and that I really love his family. I have always respected that part of his personality very much.

Question: What about Batista?

Orton: I met Batista around the same time as Brock, we had the same kind of connection. His wife and mine were friends and accompanied us on our travels. We gave them our credit cards and they went shopping together and wasted our money. Batista got really hot - hotter than ever in his career - just before he left WWE. I miss Batista and Brock and really wish they came back.

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