How do you cultivate the faith

Thursday evening with Silas Rink

“Words are smoke and mirrors”, they say. But is that really true? Silas Rink is of the opinion that this phrase is at most a half-truth! How we deal with words has a huge impact on our own lives and on other people. Let yourself be challenged: Learn to use words in a targeted manner in such a way that they are a blessing! Be at our Thursday evening on February 11th. and be inspired by Silas.

*** 31.12. * New Year's Eve * Dinner for the One ***

A production awaits you on New Year's Eve in which we have put all our heart and soul: “Dinner for the One”. We don't want to reveal too much yet, but let me say that much: The prayer house brings a special kind of New Year's Eve party into your living room - with praise, spiritual impulses and plenty of entertainment. Look forward to a unique symphony of humor, aesthetics and depth! Also there: Johannes Hartl, Sebastian Lohmer, Joy and Markus Fackler and many more.

15.10. Thursday evening with Johannes Hartl

On October 15 Johannes Hartl will speak on the subject of “jealousy”. Is jealousy always bad? Or where am I just being petty? We live in a society of envy. It is all the more important to see through what is actually going on in your own heart. Because love needs limits, but jealousy can also poison everything. From Jesus we learn a lifestyle of radical generosity. Start: 7:30 p.m. ATTENTION: ONLY LIVESTREAM. Thursday evening is closed to visitors until further notice.

October 3, 2020 - We say THANK YOU!

At a time when many things are being called into question and the future seems uncertain as never before, let us call to prayer. On the day that reminds us that our country was reunited 30 years ago, we consciously give a stage to gratitude! >> read on

Thursday evening with Markus Spieker

No person in the history of the world is as well known as Jesus, none as revered. And none so misunderstood. It is high time to dispel some common prejudices and take a fresh look at the Messiah. This Thursday evening Markus Spieker will speak about the topic “Jesus: A Correction”. We are looking forward to it! Be there live on September 17th. at 7:30 p.m.

The art of loving a man

Men are different. And that's just as well. Unfortunately, they are often very difficult. What does it mean for a woman to love her man? Are there any tricks? In this lecture, a person directly affected passes on a few interior views, perhaps this is also interesting for men. On September 3rd from 7.30 p.m. Johannes Hartl will speak on the topic “The Art of Loving a Man”.

Thursday evening with Constantin Maasburg: 23.07. from 7:30 p.m. in the livestream

What was daily bread for the ancient Greeks has degenerated into a luxury good today: thinking. And thinking about thinking. Why is it desirable and important for Christianity to bring forth more thinkers again? Today, more than ever, people are needed who help shape society with common sense and moderation. But is it still allowed to think? Be there tonight via our livestream when our house of prayer missionary Constantin Maasburg speaks about this topic! Thursday evening is closed to visitors until further notice

“Look at his wounds. He connected us, healed and restored us. "

Have you already discovered the song of our house of prayer missionary Joy Fackler at House of Prayer At Home? By the way: Joy and her husband Markus are in the process of producing their first studio album. Songs that get under your skin. Deep adoration that paints the beauty of God in front of our eyes. Songs about lightness and weight and the God who is present in all of this and is good. Songs born from prayer. If you want to support them in their endeavors, click on their crowdfunding campaign. >> read on

09.07. from 7.30 p.m. - Digital Thursday evening with Johannes Hartl about "Spirit Fitness"

You train your body, but what about your spiritual life? On Thursday evening comes a concentrated load of everyday practice so that your inner life remains alive and in close relationship with God. Thursday evening will be broadcast again via our livestream (and unfortunately it is currently still closed to visitors on site).

Last Thursday evening: Tobias Teichen spoke about identity

"The devil knows your name, but he calls you by your sin. God knows your sin, but he calls you by your name". What is my worth and the real me from God's perspective? To what extent does this change my own perspective and my everyday lifestyle? Missed the lecture last Thursday evening? No problem: it is available on our YouTube channel.

June 25 from 7.30 p.m .: Live stream for Thursday evening with Tobias Teichen (ICF Munich)

What is my worth and the real me from God's perspective? To what extent does this change my own perspective and my everyday lifestyle? On June 25th Tobias Teichen, pastor and founder of the ICF Munich, will speak about identity on Thursday evening. Together with his wife Frauke and a team, he heads the ICF Munich - a new non-denominational and contemporary type of church in which people can experience God anew and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Attention: Livestream only, Thursday evening is closed to visitors until further notice.

FlameAcademy: Shedding old loads

The students of this year's discipleship school let off steam creatively and shot videos about their experiences in the prayer house. Take a look at Facebook or Instagram to check them out. By the way: Our discipleship school is entering the next round under a new name. The FlameAcademy. Changed to change the world. Encounter God like never before.

"Every feeling has a justification and a function in life"

Last Thursday evening Johannes Hartl spoke about the connection between feelings, thoughts and needs. How can we manage our deepest needs healthily? How do I deal with negative feelings? How do I recognize addictive behavior? He gives practical tips to help lead a healthy and truthful life. The complete lecture can be found on his YouTube channel.

The house of prayer trains - from 01.09.2020 as a trainee to become an event manager (m / f / d)

As a house of prayer, we cover a wide range of events. From weekly courses that reach around 150 people on site and around 1,000 people online, to multi-day conferences with up to 12,000 visitors, youth and teenage events, as well as seminars for adult education, we offer a wide range in the event industry. >> read on

We will open our PrayerHomes from June 15th. again for visitors

Finally the time has come! After a long break, due to the Corona restrictions, we are now able to welcome overnight guests in our guest rooms again and look forward to your visit to the PrayerHomes. Due to the currently applicable hygiene regulations, you can only book rooms with a private bathroom. A room with a shared bathroom is only possible for two people or two households who know each other. Thank you for your understanding and see you soon with us in Augsburg!

Next Thursday evening with J. Hartl via livestream: 11.06. from 7:30 p.m.

Feelings. They can be a nuisance, but what would life be without them? Anger, joy, fear, love and grief: dealing with your own feelings in a healthy way is the key to healthy relationships. And because God is emotional himself, everything changes when you get to know him. Important: Still only live stream, Thursday evening is closed to visitors until further notice.

24/7 live worship from the prayer room ends June 1st

For the past few weeks we've been streaming live from the prayer room day and night. Hours of praise, intercession and adoration of the Lord, so that you can join in from home during the Corona-shaped time. The live stream will now be switched off again in the night of Whit Monday. The restrictions are gradually being relaxed so that more can take place outside of your own four walls again. We hope that we will soon be able to open the house of prayer again to visitors and will inform you about relevant plans as early as possible.

May 28th at 19: 00-20: 30: Together before Pentecost - will you be there?

Hope instead of fear, understanding oneself instead of fragmentation: today we need the spirit of Pentecost anew. We pray for God's good spirit in the midst of a time of upheaval. We want to re-fill the places of prayer with praise and prayer. Be there live on the screen or create your own decentralized prayer meeting. For more information, visit

Apply now for the FlameAcademy 2020/21!

Deep and real. Become part of a crowd of crazy people who pray day and night. Get to know Jesus and yourself in a whole new way. Theology that goes straight to the heart. Let God touch you at the deepest points. | October 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021 | Find out more here or apply now!

God's Global Wisdom - An Interview with Fadi Krikor

"Every time we understand a piece of God, our heart changes." What is God doing worldwide and what is moving in the body of Christ? A hopeful perspective on the present time. You can listen to the interview by Fadi Krikor and Johannes Hartl from last Thursday evening on our YouTube channel.

House of prayer at home: hope and inspiration in this time

Would you like to know how to deal with stressful situations? How can one thrive and find solace in these times? What to do with family when so much time is being spent at home? Or would you like to be encouraged by new songs? Then stop by Gebetshaus @ home and be inspired by our video messages that we are currently uploading for you on a regular basis.

Living with Death - Listen to Johannes Hartl's lecture on YouTube

Every life crisis is a decision between life and death. Health is not the greatest good. Love, truth, fidelity and worship are the highest good. If you missed Johannes Hartl's lecture in the livestream, you can listen to it on our YouTube channel.

The FlameAcademy 2020/21 - start in October 2020 - inform and apply now!

Grow in your gifts. Learn to see deeper. Find your purpose. In a unique place. Prayer non-stop. A pulsating center of hundreds of young people who follow Jesus together. Infectious community, spiritual depth, learning and being challenged: that's the FlameAcademy.

Germany prays together: 08.04. from 5 p.m.

At a time like this, our country must be jolted. How about if hundreds of thousands in Germany gathered for prayer at the same time? Prime Minister Söder has called for prayers for our country: we want to do that. >> read on

Digital Thursday evening continues - 02.04. at 7:30 p.m.

“New things can grow in the most unreal circumstances. In the desert times of our life, God creates living things and where everything seems to be broken, the adventure begins. ”On April 2nd. Inka Hammond will speak to us on Thursday evening (attention: still only live stream!). >> read on

Managing crises

Last week Johannes Hartl talked about the opportunities that lie in every crisis. Global challenges such as the current corona epidemic are putting our lives to the test. Listen to the teaching retrospectively on YouTube and discover through this encouraging message how you can not only cope with crises, but even emerge stronger from them.

Prayer in the Corona crisis

We want to remember together that we have a great God, for whom nothing is impossible. He is the best doctor in the world, so we needn't fear. With the following prayer you can strengthen your faith and pray for the people around you >> read on

Next Thursday evening on March 5th from 7:30 p.m.

On this Thursday our house of prayer missionary Silas Rink will speak on the topic "From tomorrow without worries". Are worries part of life? “Throw all your worries on him; because he cares for you, ”says the Bible. But do you live in this God-willed freedom from worry? What are worries anyway and how do you get rid of them? I believe: You are called to a carefree life! What are you waiting for? Be there live in the house of prayer or on the live stream, we look forward to seeing you!

MORE 2020: Lecture by Friedegard Warkentin on YouTube

Friedegard Warkentin is the founder and leader of the therapeutic community Eser 21 in Augsburg. She works as a systemic and trauma therapist and as a supervisor. Her vocation is to accompany people who are struggling with hopelessness. At MEHR 2020, she talked about her life and her passions. >> read on

1000 thanks - songs from the house of prayer

What can you expect from this album? A CD that promises a good mood and music to sing along to and on top of that also invites you to worship God. It is packed full of songs that were penned by prayer house missionaries and family workers and are characterized by a very individual handwriting. >> read on They tell of a living relationship with Jesus, of his greatness and friendliness and of how grateful we are for what he does and what he is! 1000 THANKS is available in our shop, but also from Spotify, AmazonMusic, AppleMusic and Deezer.

Start of the Daniel Academy +++ apply now at short notice!

The DanielAcademy got off to a great start last weekend! The first of 5 weekends (plus an intensive week) was about the Daniel Lifestyle, self-management and "Getting Things Done". The training units were framed by intensive worship times with Christiane Hammer and band. The longing for a deeper encounter with Jesus was clearly noticeable among the 318 participants. We are very much looking forward to the intensive week from April 13th to 18th, which will follow this weekend. Maybe even with you? >> read on

To be at home with yourself

That is what the title of the new instrumental album Habitare Secum means. Johannes Hartl on the piano and Christian Heidenbauer (Michael Patrick Kelly Band) on the electric guitar weave filigree melodies into one another and create a space in them to linger. Artistic neo-classic that touches and leads to prayer. You can find the album on Spotify, Amazon Music and in our shop:

Europe Shall Be Saved! Prayer action from March 1st

How about if every 7th inhabitant of your city had a personal encounter with Jesus and gave him his life? The vision of “Europe shall be saved” is that Europe will be changed by the good news of Jesus. And every Christian can take part in it. >> read on

MORE 2020

What intense and blessed days are behind us! We have already received a lot of testimonials and feedback and we would be very happy to hear from you about how you experienced the MORE. Let us share in what God has done great in your life and write us your testimony at [email protected]

Only 2 days left!

Are you already looking forward to the MEHR? We can hardly wait when it finally starts in 2 days with: MORE 2020 - Colors of Hope! The tickets for the main hall and the MEHRauditorium have been sold out for a few weeks. There are still a few remaining tickets for the MEHRspace. We look forward to having 4 days with you full of encouraging lectures, praise and newly awakening hope.

SCHØN Conference 2020 - get your early bird tickets now!

The next SCHØN conference will take place in Augsburg in June 2020. Who is the SCHØN for? For everyone who loves beauty. For art lovers. For creative people and those who want to become one. For Christians and non-Christians. For artists. For thoughtful thinkers. For everyone who is interested in where society is headed. Or those who simply appreciate good music, film, architecture, design, photography, theater or literature. >> read on

10,000 tickets have already been sold!

10,000 people have already registered for MEHR2020 and our tickets are slowly becoming scarce or some of them are already sold out! If you want to start your year with 4 days full of praise, input, community and the topic of #colorsofhope, you should be quick when buying tickets! >> read on

DanielAcademy 2020: Living with God in everyday life

Do you long for faith not only to take place on Sundays? Do you want to build a culture in your life that allows you to master daily challenges in a focused manner? Do you also believe that the prayer room is everywhere you are? Do you want to be trained personally and spiritually? Do you believe that the greatest power in the universe resides in you and do you want to learn to build his kingdom in your job as a friend of God? >> read on

Only three days left: 4 + 1 FREE TICKET PROMOTION

Until November 30th you have the opportunity to use our 4 + 1 free ticket campaign! You have a friend, an acquaintance, a work colleague ... whom you would like to take with you on the MEHR orwho might not be able to afford the ticket, but would really like to be there? Then team up with your friends and give them a free ticket! More information at:

She is back!

Good news! 1000 THANKS is available again on all common streaming platforms! We love this record and it runs up and down here, it's so full of what we live and love in the prayer house! There are songs that are authentic and honest, go straight to the heart and still not forget the good mood factor because of the depth. It's praise like you may not have heard that often.

+++ 4 + 1 FREE TICKET OFFER: Only until November 30th +++

Buy 4 tickets and get the 5th for free! Do you have a friend, an acquaintance, a work colleague ... whom you would like to take with you on the MEHR or who might not be able to afford the ticket but would really like to be there? Then team up with your friends and give them a free ticket!

MORE employees

We are still looking for employees in the field of child service, CD production, info point and shop. The workload is 25–30 hours, for which you receive free admission to the MORE. In addition, people are still being sought who will pray with the blessing prayer. You would be there as a "helper" for 10-15 hours and receive a discounted ticket.

This is how you build the foundation of your life

This Thursday evening Patrick Knittelfelder will speak about "This is how you build the foundation of your life". How can your Christian foundation make a decisive contribution to your personal development, healthy relationships, solid resilience and a fulfilling everyday life. Learn how 4 youthful pillars can boost your life Be there live or tune into the webstream on November 7th at 7:30 pm.

+++ 4 + 1 FREE TICKET OFFER: Only until November 30th +++

Buy 4 tickets and get the 5th for free! Do you have a friend, an acquaintance, a work colleague ... whom you would like to take with you on the MEHR or who might not be able to afford the ticket but would really like to be there? Then team up with your friends and give them a free ticket!

1000 thanks!

The new house of prayer album 1000 DANK will be released on Thursday! What's waiting for you? A really poppy and fresh record that promises a good mood, music to sing along and on top of that also invites you to worship God. The CD is packed with songs that were penned by the prayer house missionaries and family workers and are characterized by a very individual handwriting. They tell of a lively relationship with Jesus, of his greatness and kindness and of how grateful we are for what he does and what he is! 1000 THANKS will be given on Thursday evening on October 24th. and is then available in the Prayer House Shop and on Spotify, among others.

Wanted: Real men

“When is a man a man?” Asked Herbert Grönemeyer in 1984 in his top hit “Men”. The answers to these questions have since become more confused than clearer. Do we still need real men - except for reproduction? If so, why do we see so few such men? Adam wasn't a man by chance. God has a plan for us men. It will be exciting. We are pleased that Constantin Maasburg will speak for the first time on Thursday evening. What do real men look like and what else is there to say on the subject? You will find out on October 24th. from 7.30 p.m. either directly in our house of prayer or via livestream.

God is different

Our image of God is decisive for our relationship with God. How we imagine God will decide whether we like to approach him or rather keep our distance. What is god like? Is he trustworthy? Is he good? Is he in a good mood or very busy and doesn't have time for my little concerns? These and other exciting questions will be discussed this Thursday evening.

The INCENSE has started!

Since the beginning of October, 43 INCENSE students have joined our 49 missionaries. These will be discipled over the next 10 months. Getting a place in the prayer room has been a bit more difficult since October. Help, we have too many young people who want to pray !! ;-)

23-25 September

The house of prayer missionaries are open from 23-25. September on employee retreat. Even so, we continue to pray around the clock. A big thank you to all volunteers and volunteers who continue the prayer chain during this time. We ask for your understanding that less active worship times can take place during this time.

We're celebrating 8 years!

On September 19th, 2019 we went into our 9th year 24/7 prayer! We are so grateful for that! We look back on 8 years in which Jesus was the focus in the prayer room. Eight years during which people rose to God's throne by day and night of praise and intercession. 8 years of prayer without ceasing. read more >>

Find inner strength

Most people increasingly take care of their bodies. NUTRITION, HYGIENE, FITNESS are booming. But what actually nourishes the soul? What does hygiene mean for the inner person? And what do we have to do to stay fit and flexible in our soul as well. Be there live or switch to 11.9. at 7:30 p.m. in the web stream when Jörg Ahlbrecht talks about "Finding Inner Strength".