Which digestif do you recommend

Digestif: the perfect way to end your meal

After a sumptuous meal, it is often served: the digestif. Also known as a nightcap or digestive schnapps, a mostly high-proof digestif rounds off the evening. We'll tell you which schnapps goes with which food and whether it stimulates digestion.

What is a nightcap or digestif?

Unlike the aperitif, which is served before a meal and is intended to stimulate the appetite, the digestif or nightcap is served after a meal. As a grand finale, so to speak. In some regions, a nightcap simply means the last drink before going to bed or at the end of the party. It doesn't matter which drink is consumed.

What do you drink as a digestif?

Every country has its own traditions when it comes to schnapps. Actually, all known digestifs are also popular in this country. What the guests like can be served. But the nightcaps go particularly well with the dishes that are native to the country of origin of the digestif.

Digestifs from all over the world

Far from being a grandpa drink Fruit brandies from Germany. They are usually served after a hearty meal such as roast meat and dumplings. They also go very well with the previously served beer. While herbal schnapps is served ice-cold, the fruit schnapps should be at room temperature so that the aroma comes into its own.

Herbal brandies come from all regions, often from Germany, but also from the Mediterranean regions. Depending on the variety and herbs used, they go well with German home-style cooking or Mediterranean cuisine. The latter will also be happy with one grappa combined. The classic from Italy goes perfectly with pasta, antipasti and fish and usually tastes rather bitter. It goes very well with wine.

Aquavit has a long tradition in Scandinavia and is often drunk after a fatty fish menu. The caraway schnapps is usually served ice-cold here, in Nordic countries at room temperature. Aquavit's own taste is quite strong, it is appreciated by fans, but it is not for everyone.

Does the digestif help with digestion?

Herbal liqueurs in particular are said to stimulate digestion after a large, fatty meal. However, some studies have shown that this is more like wishful thinking. In truth, the alcohol in the supposed digestive schnapps actually slows down fat burning. But if it tastes good, the digestif rounds off a successful evening in proper style.

Examples of your digestif

Do you feel like having a nightcap? In your drinkable market near you you will find a large selection of digestifs. For example, we recommend these here:

Herbal brandy: Tunel de Mallorca Mezcladas 30% 0.7L

Grappa: Nonino Grappa Vendemmia Riserva 41% 0.5L

Fruit brandy: SCHLADERER Williams pear 40% 0.7L

Aquavit: Aquavit line 41.5% 0.7L

Vodka: Gray Goose Vodka 40% 0.7 L


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