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8 Coding challenges and competitions that can lead to money or jobs

Advertisement Which of the options would you prefer as a programmer? While you wait for that one call or take part in a live coding challenge to test your skills, does the mailing go on forever? This is where competitive programming can open more doors through competitions and challenges. The


As a programmer, which of the options would you prefer? While you wait for that one call or take part in a live coding challenge to test your skills, does the mailing go on forever?

This is where competitive programming can open more doors through competitions and challenges. The good news is that top companies have become enthusiasts. So start pursuing these cash or job programming challenges and secure your career breakthrough today.

1. HackerRank

Leading Companies Hiring: Adobe, Booking.com, Dell, LinkedIn, RedHat, Uber

There are 5 million developers in HackerRank who have completed over 21 million code challenges to date. The platform evaluates skills with a steady series of competitions on algorithms, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

HackerRank has four core areas: Practice, competition, job and leaderboard.

Solve the coding challenges in the "Competition" section and apply via HackerRank.

Just wanna have fun? HackerRank also regularly hosts hackathons with cash prizes and sponsored competitions from major tech companies.

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2. TopCoder

Leading Companies Hiring: IBM, Google, eBay, SoftBank, Nvidia

TopCoder is one of the world's leading crowdsourcing platforms for visual design, code development and data science projects. The TopCoder community takes on the challenges of some of the world's leading brands. The site hosts online and local coding competitions in several cities.

Visit the competition programming homepage and prepare for your match. Different competitions can have different prices. And there's a good chance that customers who pick winners will pick them up for assignments as well.

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3. HackerEarth

Leading companies are hiring: ThoughtWorks, Amazon, Accenture, Walmart Labs, IBM, Intuit.

In 2018, HackerEarth hosted the first international women's hackathon with great success. This was a women's-only event to help bridge the gender gap in computer science. Women in Tech: What Future Tech Companies Need To Know Women in Tech: What Future Tech Companies Need To Know In order for tech companies to thrive, they need to solve the 'gender gap' problem. Not only for equality, but also to protect business results. Continue reading . The developers developed apps and tools on four topics: women's health and safety, economic freedom, social impact, innovation.

If the same event takes place this year, registration can be expected to open soon. Last year, the top award winning team won $ 2,500 and industry recognition. Keep an eye on the link below for this women's hackathon and other competitions later this year.

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4. Skill

Leading Companies Hiring: Amazon, Bosch, ThoughtWorks, Societe Generale.

Skillenza is another competitive programming and settings platform that originated in India. Here you can be part of a certain community and at the same time play your skills against the best. Businesses can create their own page and access these communities to handle their coding challenges.

As a programmer, you can highlight your successes in competitions and attract the right company for a job.

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5. Codewars

Leading companieswho are hiring : Apple, Andela, Accenture.

Take on codewars to crack a few job-related "katas". A "kata" is a special coding exercise to improve your language or frame-specific skills. The "katas" are created by the user community. Solve these and complete the ranks in the community. And maybe you will catch the eye of a headhunter.

Codewars is free, however Codewars Red is a subscription platform with more features and benefits (e.g. becoming ad-free and getting more server resources for your programs) for anyone looking for upskills.

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6. Code byte

Leading Companies Hiring: Deloitte, PWC, HBO, LogMeIn.

Do you have an upcoming job interview or coding boot camp? Coderbyte gives you coding challenges and modular courses to help you prepare. For example, you can use the 12 tutorials to study programming and algorithm questions asked in previous Google interviews. Then practice the theory with coding challenges that go from easy to hard.

The coding challenges cover 10 programming languages. At the end, check your answers against the official solutions and the users' best solutions. This comparison allows you to compare your skills with industry best practices.

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7. CodeChef

Leading Companies Hiring: AWS, Samsung, Alibaba Cloud.

Codechef is a non-profit, competitive coding platform based out of India. But it has fostered a global community of developers taking advantage of the practice problems and competitions on the site. Codechef runs three competitions named in a month Long challenge, Cook-off and Lunchtime through . Long challenges last ten days while the other two are tighter. Use the CodeChef IDE and choose from over 35 programming languages ​​to participate.

Cash prizes for these coding competitions are up to $ 700 for the global community and may include other freebies. Snackdown 2019 is the global multi-round programming competition that you are just getting ready for.

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8. CodinGame

Leading Companies Hiring: Warner Bros., EA, Nintendo, Adobe, Bank of America

This could be the most fun coding (and settings) website on this list. Instead of solving coding problems, you can write code for a game and test it with other coders. Think of it as a game-based hackathon. Start in an online IDE that gives you a mission statement. All solo and multiplayer coding games are turn based. Each turn your program receives new input and you have to enter code to issue the correct action.

Try it out without an account. More than 25 programming languages ​​are supported. Solve the puzzles or the sponsored puzzles using the link below and land your dream job with the companies that are looking for top performers.

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A few more coding challenges for money or jobs

The eight on this list will keep you busy. But here are a few more to keep you posted.

  • LeetCode
  • Code forces
  • Kaggle (for Data Science)
  • Hewlett Packard Code Wars
  • Challenge.gov
  • InterviewBit
  • Program number

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Be a warrior and start coding

Coding competitions are like open markets. Don't just think of them as gladiatorial arenas, but also as real schools where you can learn from instant feedback about your mistakes. Companies have introduced these contests as hiring platforms to get the best and save costs. No wonder big tech names have their own match-ups, like the annual Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, and Facebook Hacker Cup.

Ultimately, these challenges provide you with another way to practice your coding skills. As the last programmer, you could get away with a bounty, a career, or just more brain cells.

And if you're having trouble finding a job in programming, check out these tips to get your job hunt going again. 5 essential tips to get your job search going again. 5 essential tips to get your job search going again. Sometimes Your Job Hunting Just Doesn't Go Well These tips can help you get on with your job hunt when things are going badly Continue reading . If you've just finished college, keep these tips in mind to help you find the perfect job. 6 Steps to Help You Find the Perfect Post-College Job 6 Steps to Help You Find the Perfect Post-College Job The search for the perfect job begins after college. These key steps can help you start your career on the right grade. Continue reading .

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