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Corporate Profile

COGNOS AG is one of the largest private and independent business-oriented education providers in Germany, with 17 universities, vocational schools and institutions / academy for further education as well as business schools. Thanks to the broad education product portfolio and its state-of-the-art life-long learning concept, COGNOS AG is able to tailor to the different needs of target groups to provide with suitable and best-in-class education programs. The group's Hochschule Fresenius is the largest private university in Germany, with branches in 6 cities in Germany and nearly 17,000 students.

Founded in 1848, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is one of the oldest universities in Germany. The Ludwig Fresenius Schule is one of the largest vocational education institutions in Germany with more than 100 schools in more than 30 cities in Germany. The school is specialized in therapeutics and health, nursing and education, medicine and laboratory, business and engineering. Especially in the field of physical therapy, the Ludwig Fresenius School is the definite market leader in Germany.

In terms of executive education, the Leadership Academy International and HHL Leipzig School of Management have provided training for entrepreneurs, management employees and business leaders a series of programs "understanding Germany" since 2010. In recent years, under the Chinese national strategy of "Made in China 2025", "Belt and Road" and the reform of China's educational modernization model, COGNOS AG has made positive contributions to a large scope of participants, from teachers of vocational schools to universities and to entrepreneurs.

COGNOS AG is capable of facilitating educational and training needs of its customers by customizing its programs individually to make the products best fit-to-market and achieve customer satisfaction.

Web content available in:

  • English
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Industry sectors

Types of training offered

  • Vocational training and further training, retraining
  • Vocational school courses
  • Vocational and non-vocational further training
  • Training / project management
  • Training Research
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Technical schools
  • Teaching / learning aids
  • Study tours: Intercultural dialogue
  • Student support
  • Start-up advice
  • Seminars on setting up a business
  • Quality management
  • Project competence studies (MBA)
  • Preparation for international management tasks
  • Post-Vocational-Courses (in cooperation with German Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
  • Modular further training offers
  • Moderation, organization and VIP services for companies or scientific congresses
  • Leadership development
  • Language and educational trips
  • Laboratory Technology
  • International cooperation with institutions in developing countries
  • International business development
  • In-service qualifications
  • In-house courses
  • Human resources / organization development
  • Face-to-face tutorials in Germany
  • Face-to-face tutorials in foreign countries
  • Face-to-face tutorials (general)
  • Executive courses
  • Evaluation and analysis
  • entrepreneurship
  • Education / training in people management
  • E-learning systems
  • E-learning (CBT / WBT)
  • Distance learning with face-to-face meetings
  • Distance learning
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Conference center
  • Company trainings
  • Company courses
  • Coaching
  • Certification, training management
  • Business communication
  • Blended learning
  • Advice / consulting services

Internationally known quality management system

ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 50001