What is the thickest book

“The thickest book in the universe” at the book fair

Frankfurt, October 6, 2010 - Over 100,000 books will be exhibited at the Frankfurt Book Fair. One of them is unique: “The thickest book in the universe” is presented in the children's book forum - and that's where it belongs. Because over 40,000 preschool and elementary school children have designed the 50,560 pages with their own hands and imaginatively.
Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer called for the campaign. His ministry publishes "Captain Bluebear's Fantastic Traffic Guide" every year, in which children are made familiar with traffic rules in a playful way. Consequently, all the images and stories in the “thickest book in the universe” also relate to road traffic. "Our traffic psychologists can draw valuable conclusions for traffic education from the work," says Minister Ramsauer.
Captain Blaubär, one of the most popular characters on the ARD children's program, gave the book the universal title in his own modesty - convinced that no extraterrestrial will protest. The Guinness Book of Records is closer to the earth - there “only” the entry as the “thickest book in the world” is pending. The certificate is awarded at the book fair after an official has taken a measurement. He has to extend the tape measure to over four meters. The Parliamentary State Secretary in the BMVBS, Dr. Andreas Scheuer, receives the confirmation.
The record campaign was supported by the Reading Foundation and several children's book publishers. "We are pleased that children are introduced to the medium of books in this way - as authors and illustrators," says Heinrich Kreibich, General Manager of the Reading Foundation. The children are guaranteed to be happy too: each and every one of them has received a certificate confirming that they have contributed to the record book. And because with its four hundredweight it is somewhat difficult to handle for bookworms, the complete work is also available on the Internet - on the domain www.dickesbuch.de.
If you still want it in kind: The GGP printing company can produce additional copies at any time. They can be ordered in any bookstore - at a bargain price of 9,990 euros.