Which city is known as the Pink City


Jaipur - Rajasthan's impressive capital

Pink City or the pink city - after a look at the reddish colored house facades, the nickname of Jaipur is understandable. The capital of Rajasthan fascinates with unique buildings such as the Amber Fort and the Palace of the Winds and gives you a comprehensive insight into the exotic culture of the people. Jaipur is also known for impressive palaces and for the latest fashion in Indian saris, which are sold in corresponding shops. Discover the charming city with its many facets and get to know local life as well as the unique buildings. Another highlight on a trip to North India in Jaipur - because North India is by no means just made up of the Taj Mahal and the holy city of Varanasi.

The creation of the "Pink City"

Jaipur is rather one of the younger cities of Rajasthan, as the city was only founded in 1727. Today's capital of Rajasthan was founded as the capital of the princely state of the same name and was clearly built according to the teachings of Shastra. This can be seen in the shape of the architecture, which can be seen in the buildings. Jaipur was given the sonorous name "Pink City" because of the pink buildings in the old town - which also give Jaipur a unique look. However, the buildings in Jaipur were not kept in this color from the start. Rather, these were given the new coat of paint in honor of the visit by Crown Prince Albert Eduard, the Prince of Wales. It is also worth knowing that pink-red is traditionally the color of hospitality throughout Rajasthan - so the color scheme in honor of the high-ranking visitor makes even more sense.

Jaipur was named the capital of Rajasthan in 1956 and today has around 3 million inhabitants. In addition, Jaipur is not only known for the special architecture and famous buildings such as the gigantic city palace, but is also considered a successful economic center. Numerous branches of industry have successfully settled in Jaipur and the "Pink City" is also an attractive cultural center with many cinemas, theaters and museums. In addition, Jaipur is an important traffic junction in the Indian state and, due to the beautiful old town, is an indispensable sight for any stay in the north of India.

    The most beautiful sights of Jaipur

    Jaipur is not called the "Pink City" for nothing - the striking buildings in the old town are immediately noticeable every time you visit the city. In addition to visiting these architecturally impressive buildings, a glimpse into the cultural landscape of Jaipur is just as appealing as a trip to the lively streets of the city. How about, for example, an evening visit to the cinema, in which an exotic Bollywood film is shown? A rickshaw ride is also an event in the city and provides a quick overview of all the buildings - a visit to the exotic streets is also particularly interesting. Jaipur is a diverse travel destination with special sights and a very specific flair, which ensures unforgettable moments in the city.

    The Palace of the Winds

    This palace is actually not a real palace, but more of a facade - but the impressive Palace of the Winds belongs to the city palace, which should also be visited. The Palace of the Winds is a five-story building with a total of 93 barred windows. Due to the pink color and the lavishly decorated facade in honeycomb optics, the palace is a stunning sight. The name comes from the slightly cooling breeze that comes through the windows and gave the harem ladies a slight breeze when looking out. The harem ladies used to hide behind the windows from prying eyes and were able to watch pageants and celebrations. Overall, the architecturally masterfully designed Palace of the Winds in combination with the huge City Palace is a truly unforgettable sight in Jaipur.

      The old city of Jaipur

      Not only the Palace of the Winds and the City Palace can be found in the old town and are buildings worth seeing. In addition to the charming facades and the exotic architecture, the city wall with its battlements and city gates is also an interesting sight - even if not all of Jaipur is fenced . The famous minaret called Iswari Minar Swarga Sal, which was built by the son of the city founder, is located near the Tripolia Gate. The old town of Jaipur is particularly good to explore on a tour, where the most beautiful buildings stand out.

      Amber Fort

      This mighty mountain fortress is only 10 kilometers from Jaipur on a hilltop and should definitely be visited. A fortified fortress on the outside and a magnificent palace on the inside - Amber Fort is one of the architectural masterpieces of Rajasthan. Since the Indian state has many magnificent buildings, the extraordinary building should definitely be visited. Particularly noteworthy is the glittering hall of mirrors of Amber Fort, the main attraction of the overall very charming building.

        The open-air observatory

        A visit to the Jantar Mantar open-air observatory in Jaipur is not only something very special for amateur astronomers. This observatory brings you closer to the world of the stars and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. A visit to the observatory in the southern courtyard of the palace is definitely a special experience during a stay in Jaipur. The observatory was built in 1728 by the city founder Jai Singh II, who was also an enthusiastic amateur astronomer. At that time, Jai Singh II was already quite advanced astronomically and even developed instruments that were helpful in predicting the monsoons.

        The best travel time for the diverse city

        Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan in northern India and has a warm to very hot climate all year round. The months from October to April are considered the best travel time for the pink city, as it is cooler and significantly drier at around 25 to 30 degrees during this time. During the monsoons, traveling to Jaipur is sometimes difficult, as the climate can easily rise to over 40 degrees during these months. Therefore, the months of the European winter are particularly suitable for stays in Jaipur and the pleasant climate during this time makes the trip even more unforgettable.

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