Is Oprah richer than Donald Trump

Series: One year of US President Trump - America is looking for the next superstar

There they stood celebrating their heroine. “A new day is dawning on the horizon”, Oprah Winfrey thundered down from the Golden Globe stage in the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel last week - “and when that day finally comes, no one will have to say 'me too'! “Cheers. Many cried. It was the moment when the hope arose in liberal America that there could be someone who could counter the toxic aggressiveness of Donald Trump with something powerful, a movement: Oprah Gail Winfrey, 63 years old, TV superstar, billionaire, creator of meaning for millions . It's just a fantasy. But she got caught in her mind.

The hardship in the Democratic camp is great a year after Trump took office. So big that many in the Desperate States of America would be willing to fight fire with fire. Populist against populist. One TV celebrity versus the other. For the replacement of the political bulldozer Trump, elected by a minority and still supported by a third of Americans, many would be willing to pave the way for another famous side-entry woman to take office. “She detonated a missile. I want her to compete, ”said actress Meryl Streep. "Oprah / Michelle 2020," tweeted comedian Sarah Silverman, alluding to the former first lady as vice. And Steven Spielberg is certain: "She would be a great president."

After a year in office, US President Donald Trump offers a lot of open ground. So far, however, the opposition has hardly been able to use the weaknesses in the White House - also because a heavyweight as an opposing candidate is not yet in sight. However, there are a number of hopefuls who could develop into powerful opponents up to the primaries. An overview.

And Winfrey himself? Keep quiet, to all the "Oprah for President" calls. But one must have no doubts about the limitlessness of this woman's ambitions. "It is in the hands of the people," said her long-time partner Stedman Graham of the Los Angeles Times. "She would surely do it."

The first black billionaire

It is not uncommon for Hollywood to become intoxicated with itself, attributing itself to the mighty of the world. Fame obscures the realities. But it would be a mistake to confuse Oprah Winfrey with any talk show host. When a talk show host says goodbye, there are not 13,000 people standing in the United Center in Chicago crying, cheering and praying like they did in May 2011 when, after 4561 issues, her last ABC broadcast went over the airwaves. When a talk show host says goodbye, superstar Madonna is not standing on a stage vaulted with a golden “O” and shouting “Amen!”. Winfrey's last show wasn't a TV show. That was a service. And the deity in this cosmos, descended to her sheep, Winfrey, the world's first black billionaire, is a living example of the crumbling myth that anyone in the USA can make it.

"Winfrey has more influence on the culture than any university president, politician or religious leader - with the exception of the Pope," wrote the "Vanity Fair". If the Americans had to choose between Winfrey and Trump, the talk master would be clearly ahead.

Noprah! or Yes she can? The New York newspapers are at odds over Oprah Winfrey's political ambitions. Source: picture alliance / Photoshot