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Coronavirus worldwide: Rare Covid-19 variant detected several times in Bordeaux

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More than 50 million vaccine doses given in England

In England, more than 50 million vaccine doses have now been injected. That comes from the latest figures from the British health authority NHS. According to this, around 31.5 million people in England have received their first vaccination dose since the vaccination campaign began in December, and just under 18.7 million have already received the second. 56 million people, almost 85 percent of the UK population, live in England.

Compared to continental European countries, the UK vaccination campaign well advanced. It is one of the largest and most important national efforts in history, Health Secretary Matt Hancock wrote on Twitter.

According to the NHS, are more than 40 percent of adults in England already fully vaccinated. From the weekend of Pentecost, 32-year-olds can also book vaccination appointments there.

How many people in Germany, Europe and the world have now been vaccinated? Which vaccines are used where? And what effects is the vaccination campaign already having on the number of infections? Answers to questions about vaccination can be found in this overview:
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EU countries hope for economic growth after the pandemic

After the historic pandemic-induced economic crisis, the EU states confident about the future. "There are good prospects for the economy to recover this year and next," said Portugal's Finance Minister João Leão after a meeting of EU economic and finance ministers in Lisbon. Many ministers would have said that they might from one even greater growth than the latest forecast indicated. It is a time of hope and optimism.

In its latest economic forecast, the EU Commission had a Growth in the EU of 4.2 percent forecast for 2021 and 4.4 for 2022. By the end of 2022, the economy will be in all EU countries return to the pre-ice level, said the responsible EU Commission deputy Valdis Dombrovskis on Saturday. He confirmed that the EU Commission was in favor of suspending the European debt and deficit rules in 2022 as well. Then the EU states would continue to have a free hand in getting into debt. However, the countries must unanimously follow the recommendation of the EU Commission. Portugal's Minister Leão signaled his support.

According to the European Stability and Growth Pact, the EU states are allowed to have a budget deficit of no more than three percent a year and a total debt ratio of no more than 60 percent, each measured against gross domestic product. However, these rules were suspended at the beginning of the Corona crisis a good year ago so that the governments can give their economies a hand. For this purpose, the so-called general escape clause provided for in the pact was used in the event of a crisis.
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France: No more corona tests for cross-border commuters

After France was downgraded from high incidence to simple risk area, the Germans became Entry requirements for cross-border commuters are made easier. From midnight on Sunday night, commuters from France need no more corona test, as the French Secretary of State for Europe Clément Beaune announced on Saturday. He welcomed the federal government's decision as a "return to normal" for those affected.

For other travelers from France the quarantine requirement no longer applies. However, they must have a negative less than 72 hours old Corona test can show completely vaccinated or from a Covid 19 disease recovered be.

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China has given 483.34 million vaccinations against the coronavirus so far. This is announced by the National Health Commission.
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District in Bordeaux is to be vaccinated at high speed because of a rare variant

In the fight against a rare Corona variant, the French city of Bordeaux wants the population of the affected district bacalan vaccinate at high speed. In the district, almost 50 people tested positive for a "very rare" Covid-19 variant, the health authorities said. All adult residents of Bacalan therefore received "unconditional" access to vaccinations and should be vaccinated this weekend or early next week at the latest, said Patrick Dehais, medical advisor for the regional health authority.

The efforts would later expanded to the entire city. In Bordeaux in southwest France, the mutant has so far been detected in at least 46 people. On Friday, the city launched mass tests to discover possible further cases. None of the infected has so far been hospitalized.

We are talking about a variant that has already been identified at the national level, but which has so far been very rare.

Patrick Dehail, medical advisor
The strain designated as VOC 20I / 484Q is related to the British variant, but has one additional mutation on. This mutation (E484K) also has the South African and Brazilian variants, which are considered very contagious and are suspected of being more resistant to the known vaccines. The variant has so far also been detected in the northern Paris region.
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Senator: Bolsonaro wanted to wait for herd immunity

A Brazilian senator has President Jair Bolsonaro accused of deliberately downplaying the coronavirus pandemicto bet on herd immunity. "The president first denied the disease, called it the flu, and then argued against social isolation and lockdown. Then he downplayed the use of masks and encouraged people to congregate," said Renan Calheiros, who runs the House of Lords investigation into the government's handling of the crisis directs.
It is too early to say whether Bolsonaro has committed a crime with his way of managing the crisissaid the senator. Brazil has nearly 16 million coronavirus cases and has the second highest death rate in the world after the US with nearly 450,000 deaths.
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AstraZeneca boss: Vaccine works almost as well against the Indian variant as it does against the British one

In an interview with the Financial Times Pascal Soriot emphasized that the Vaxzevria vaccine produced by his company AstraZeneca was almost as effective against the variant discovered in India as it was against the British one.

Initial studies on animals also showed that a newly developed booster vaccination also works well against other mutations. The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca are therefore already in negotiations with governments.
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California wants to lift corona restrictions in June

In California, normality should return to a large extent in mid-June. It'll be from then neither distance rules nor a limit on the number of customers in shops give, said the head of the US state health department, Mark Ghaly. Unvaccinated people still have to wear masks.

This is possible because there are few new infections in the state and many people have been vaccinated, added Ghaly. However, conditions still apply to large events with more than 5,000 people in closed rooms.

California was the first US state to announce a lockdown in the corona pandemic.At the beginning of the year there were particularly high numbers of infections there. More than 3.6 million Californian women became infected with the virus, and more than 61,000 of them died.

In California, anyone aged 12 or over can be vaccinated. Almost 35.5 million vaccine doses have already been administered to California's 40 million population.
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Latin America and the Caribbean have more than one million corona deaths