What tools are good for learning Laravel

  • RESTful routing

    Use simple closures to answer queries to your application. It couldn't be easier to create amazing appliqu├ęs.

  • Your data under control

    Laravel is delivered with the excellent ORM Eloquent and a very good migration system. Both work in harmony with MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server and SQLite.

  • Beautiful templating

    Use pure PHP or the lightweight templating engine blade. Blade has great template inheritance and is lightning fast. You will love it.

  • Ready for tomorrow

    Build huge enterprise applications or simple JSON APIs. Write powerful controllers or simple RESTful routes. Laravel is perfect for any job, no matter how big.

  • Proven basis

    Laravel is built on several components from Symfony, which is a great basis for your application for well-tested and reliable code.

  • Composer Powered

    Composer is a wonderful tool to manage third-party packages of your application. Find packages on Packagist and use them within seconds.

  • Great community

    Whether you are a PHP beginner or an architecture expert, you will fit. Discuss ideas in the IRC chat or ask questions in the forum.

  • Red, green, revise

    Laravel was designed with testing in mind. Stay flexible with the IoC Container and carry out your tests with PHPUnit. Don't worry, it's easier than you think.

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