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In Germany was Braindead Performed in 1992 by Peter Jackson at the Weekend of Fear Festival in Nuremberg in an uncut version. On December 28, 1993, the English polygram video was indexed with the first reversible cover motif. In October 1994 the film came out with the subtitle The zombie lawnmower man as a rental video shortened by about five minutes (FSK 18, about 95 minutes) from the company EuroVideo in the German trade. On February 28, 1995, this version was also placed on the index. Later, dubious extended versions were also circulating in Germany with, according to the cover info, up to approx. 107 minutes (NTSC time ?; see: PAL Speed-up). As actually uncut However, various unchecked PAL DVDs with a running length of 99:16 to 99:24 minutes are viewed.

The spread of Braindead is forbidden in the Federal Republic of Germany because it was officially confiscated nationwide on July 9, 1999 in the Astro laser disc according to § 131 StGB (representation of violence). The English polygram video with the first reversible cover was also seized on March 1, 2000 and the five-minute shortened version of Eurovideo on February 18, 2003. The seizure affects versions from different publishers (also because of the so-called "principle of equal content") , with different run lengths and on various media (VHS, laser disc, DVD). There is only one adult DVD version (age rating: FSK 16; approx. 80 minutes) that can be found mostly on “Grabbeltischen” tables with extreme cuts under the less appealing name Dead Alive may be sold legally in Germany. However, this version also contains scenes that were also confiscated in the one EuroVideo- The version had already been shortened to avoid any relevance under criminal law. Allegedly, Peter Jackson now prefers the 99-minute "unrated" version of the film.[2] In 2018, Peter Jackson confirmed that he was working on a restoration of his first films, including Braindead, is working. The image resolution is to be improved to 4K and the sound converted to 5.1 surround sound.[3]

The horror parody, filmed with an estimated budget of 3 million US dollars in the style of the 1950s, takes up numerous motifs from the horror genre and exaggerates them to the point of absurdity; the plot of the splatter film culminates in a long, extremely bloody one Lawnmower massacre, for which a total of 1500 liters of film blood was used (or 20 liters of maple syrup per second) and which is still unique in film history.[4]

Director Peter Jackson himself has a guest appearance as the quirky assistant to the taxidermist, who uses a kind of pump to inflate the corpse of the "deceased" mother to grotesque size.

At the location where the Skull Island scenes were filmed, Peter Jackson filmed in 9 years later Lord of the Rings the path of the dead followed by Aragorn and his companions. Also with King Kong Peter Jackson returned to Skull Island. In a scene below the deck Venture, the ship that transports the people to Skull Island, is a box with the inscription Sumatran Rat Monkey to see. It is a reference to Braindead.


“If you take a closer look at Jackson's big blockbuster successes 'Lord of the Rings' and 'King Kong', you will not only rediscover so many actors from his old films (for example Leonel's mom Elizabeth Moody as hobbit Lobelia Sackville-Baggins or Jed Brophy, the actor of the crazy zombie rocker Void, as orc), but in the scenery, optics, style and atmosphere of orcs, hobbits, balrogs, dinosaurs or giant apes, there are some unmistakable 'braindead' inspiration. "

"Splatter-Movie", which incorporates the atmosphere of the 50s in an atmospheric way, which in every scene seems to try to exceed the disgust limit further and further and demonstrates a macabre pleasure in the excesses of feasible trick technology and "sick" ideas. "

“The absurd and comic-like violence goes so far beyond the real taboos that it can no longer frighten anyone. Hysterical, cynical and dripping with blood, the film offers good entertainment only for die-hard zombie fans. "

- The chronicle of the film[7]

"The humor of Braindead is almost unique to this day and makes the film, even today, an ideal cast on every party evening."

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a rating of 86%.[9]

Honourings and prices

Peter Jackson received a number of prizes and awards for his third directorial work:

  • Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival - Silver Scream Award (1993);
  • Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival - Grand Prize (1993);
  • Fantastic postage - International Fantasy Film Award, Best Film and Best Special Effects (1993)
  • New Zealand Film and TV Awards - Film Award, Best Contribution to Design, Best Director, Best Film, Best Male Dramatic Performance and Best Screenplay (1993);
  • Catalonian International Film Festival, Sitges, Spain - Best Special Effects (1992);
  • Fantafestival - Best Actor and Best Special Effects (1992).[10]


  • In the German dubbing of Braindead speaks the actor Norbert Gastell the role of the selfish Uncle Les. From 1991 until his death in 2015, Norbert Gastell was the German voice of the character Homer Simpson in the American animated series The Simpsons. Matthias von Stegmann, the German-language dialogue book author of the series, will also speak The simpsons, in Braindead the lead role of Lionel Cosgrove, played by actor Timothy Balme.[11]
  • In the scene in which the girl Paquita, played by actress Diana Peñalver, is putting the vicious baby zombie in a mixer in the kitchen, the word "Gremlin" is written on a small sign hanging on this kitchen appliance. In the horror film Gremlins from 1984, a lizard-like monster, a Gremlin, is cut up in a similar way in a kitchen mixer.
  • In the USA the horror film was named Dead Alive released as there is another horror film that is also Brain Dead is called and was published in 1990. The actor Bill Pullman plays a leading role in this film by director Adam Simon.
  • Under the procedural heading Bradley vs. WingNut Films became the production company of the horror film in 1993 Braindead sued in the New Zealand High Court because the applicants stated that a tombstone of the plaintiff's family was seen during the cinematic cemetery scenes, which the plaintiffs perceived as an invasion of personal privacy.
  • In the 2018 black metal feature film Lords of Chaos by director Jonas Åkerlund, the satanist metal fan Faust, played by actor Valter Skarsgård, watches the splatter film on the lower mattress of a bunk bed on a television set Braindead at.

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