What are some of the rarest professions

Rare professions

Overview of the Occupation Dictionary

Mold and pour

As a glassblower, you can be trained in three different fields: With the field of glass design, you learn how to make champagne flutes, vases or all kinds of figures according to your own designs or customer requests. As a glassblower specializing in artificial eyes, you not only make cute eyes for stuffed animals and dolls, but also prosthetic eyes for people. Have you always been fascinated by the glittering and sparkling Christmas tree balls? Then get trained in the field of Christmas tree decorations and learn how to blow them into shape and then decorate them properly. Are you impressed every time you pass a church and the sound of bells casts a spell over you? The largest beehive bell, by the way, weighs 3600 kg and hangs in Bamberg Cathedral. As a metal and bell caster, you alloy and cast exactly such bells for church towers.

Artisanal and creative

As a wickerwork designer, your two hands are your most important tool! Of course, you should also have a good level of dexterity and eye-hand coordination. With around 500 active wickerwork designers nationwide, it is therefore no wonder that there is only one vocational school in Germany that trains this profession. However, this does not mean that this job description is threatened with extinction. More and more people are paying attention to whether a product is sustainable when buying. A basket or woven garden furniture that you have made according to your own designs, for example, are such products.
You probably also know the story of Geppetto and his talking wooden doll Pinocchio and have you ever wished that your toy would come to life? Then just become a wooden toy maker and breathe life into your own toys, which you have designed yourself with great attention to detail or made to customer specifications. As a wooden toy maker, you will accompany a toy from design to packaging. One requirement always comes first, namely that you always have to work cleanly and tidily so that there is no risk of injury to the later small owners.

With a sure instinct

In Bechhofen in Central Franconia there is a special and long-standing tradition that has existed since the end of the 18th century. There you have found your home as a brush maker, because Bechhofen is downright the center of this traditional job description. You will probably not be surprised that the corresponding vocational school is also located there. Since paintbrushes and brushes are mainly made from animal hair, you should definitely be free from animal hair allergies for this job. Some types of hair are sold very dearly and are also difficult to get, so you should always be able to work carefully and precisely.
Without a bow maker, there would probably be no violins, violins, cellos and all those other beautiful string instruments. A high-quality bow is essential for a string instrument and gives it a certain uniqueness. In addition to basic manual skills, you therefore need a very good ability to observe and good hearing for this job description. To ensure the quality of this uniqueness, each bow is made entirely by a single bow maker, from design to completion.

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