American Express credit cards are the best

American Express credit cards

American Express credit card models: target groups and price ranges

American Express credit cards can be divided into Classic, Gold and Platinum cards. Basically, the higher the price range for an American Express credit card, the more rewards and additional services the cardholder receives.

Co-branded products, such as the PAYBACK credit card and credit cards in cooperation with BMW or Sixt, form a special division in the American Express product range. They are aimed at private individuals and usually offer owners certain advantages with the respective partner company.

Otherwise, the wide range of American Express credit cards can be assigned to different target groups.

Target groups and the corresponding price ranges:

  • 1. Credit cards for private individuals: simple Amex card models

    The simple card models can be applied for by anyone as a private person - as long as conditions such as an appropriate credit rating are met. For private individuals with a normal income, for example, are suitable Blue card and the American Express Cardas they have a low annual fee. In which PAYBACK model Amex does not pay the annual fee at all, and PAYBACK points are collected at the same time. With the premium models, customers choose between gold and platinum editions. The American Express Gold Card costs an annual fee of around 100 to 150 euros. Who is for the Platinum card decides, must expect an annual fee of 600 euros.

  • 2. Credit cards for the self-employed and small businesses: the Amex business card models

    American Express business credit cards are aimed at owner-managed and small businesses. Up to nine company credit cards can be requested. The annual fees of the business credit card models range between approximately 60 and 700 euros.

  • 3. Credit cards for large companies: the Amex corporate card models

    American Express corporate credit cards are aimed at large companies that generate annual sales of EUR 30 million or more. At least ten company credit cards are included in every corporate model of Amex credit cards. The annual fees for the various types of corporate credit cards range between 60 and 500 euros.

The advantages of the Amex credit cards


  • High acceptance in the USA

    Have American Express cards a high level of acceptance in the USA. You can pay with this credit card almost everywhere during your stay in the USA.

  • Company represented worldwide

    Amex a globally represented company. This means that all over the world there are ways to pay with an American Express credit card. This is more the case in metropolitan areas than in provincial regions.

  • High quality additional services

    American Express also offers its customers many high-quality additional servicessuch as global replacement card issuance and travel insurance. You can also receive membership rewards through the Amex Membership Points program.

The disadvantages of the Amex credit cards


  • High fees

    All in all, American Express credit cards are comparatively expensive card models. Almost all Amex credit cards bring one annual fee with himself. An exception is the American Express PAYBACK credit card in Germany. Furthermore, each time you withdraw cash from an approved ATM, a fee of three percent of the amount withdrawn will be charged. In Germany, the Cash fee at least 2.50 euros. When withdrawing cash abroad, additional fees arise due to the requested Foreign currency fee. This is an additional two percent of the amount withdrawn.

  • Acceptance at payment offices and ATMs

    In contrast to America, Amex acceptance points are less widespread in Germany. In addition, you can only withdraw cash at selected ATMs that you can find using the ATM locator. Compared to their competitors VISA and MasterCard, American Express credit cards are less widely accepted worldwide.

Possible additional service of an Amex credit card

The American Express credit card company advertises extensive and exclusive additional services. The higher the annual fee on your credit card, the more services and discounts you will receive.

  • Insurance benefits

    Customers receive high-quality insurance, especially with American Express premium cards. These include, for example, purchase insurance or insurance from the health sector. American Express stands out from competing offers with its comparatively high coverage. The luxury cards from American Express score particularly well with extensive travel insurance packages. The American Express Gold Card includes, for example, international travel health insurance, travel cancellation insurance, transport accident insurance, travel comfort insurance, a car cover letter, shopping insurance and internet shopping insurance. In return, customers pay an annual fee of 108 euros for the credit card (from the second year 140 euros) plus usage fees such as a foreign transaction fee.

  • Membership Rewards

    With every card payment, points are collected for the American Express bonus points program. These are then exchanged for rewards or vouchers. There is also the option of transferring points. Membership bonus points, for example, are converted into PAYBACK points. With the standard models like the Blue Card and the Classic Card, membership is not automatically included. It can be booked for an annual basic fee. With the premium models, such as gold, platinum and Centurion cards, holders automatically take part in the bonus program.


    If you have an Amex PAYBACK credit card, you collect PAYBACK points with every card payment. Owners also benefit from campaigns such as double points at participating companies.

  • Free additional cards

    With most Amex credit cards it is possible to apply for a free credit card for the partner. For example, a partner card is included with the Blue Card and the American Express Gold Card.

  • Worldwide replacement card issuance

    If your credit card is stolen or lost, American Express will usually send you a replacement card free of charge after one day. Immediately after losing the credit card, this must be reported to +49 69 9797-2000.

  • Comprehensive online services

    1. Round-the-clock customer service: You can see your statements 24 hours a day, manage your bonus points and change your data. 2. Travel booking service, private and business: You book flights, hotels and rental cars directly through the American Express service. 3. American Express app: This enables you to view your card account on the go at any time, make statements online and keep an eye on transactions over the last six months.

  • Luxury services

    Holders of an American Express Platinum Card apply for the Priority Pass free of charge. With it you can spend the waiting time for the flight in more than 1,200 airport lounges worldwide in a pleasant way. The Platinum and Centurion credit cards also include a concierge service: a personal assistant available around the clock, 365 days a year. Ticket holders can use the assistant to book concert tickets or entire trips, for example.

Withdraw cash from machines with American Express

If you want to withdraw cash from an ATM, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • There are worldwideapprox. 1.2 million ATMs, from which you can withdraw cash. They are more common in metropolitan areas. The ATM locator will help you find an ATM.
  • You can withdraw money from all American Express approved ATMs. In advance, after at least six months of membership, you must have your PIN activated, which you need to withdraw cash.
  • Withdrawing cash is not free of charge. Usually two to three percent of the amount withdrawn, but always at least 2.50 euros, are added to the sum.
  • If cash is withdrawn, this is booked directly to the customer account and not in the monthly billing.

Cashless payments with Amex credit cards

If you prefer to pay cashless, you have the following options with an American Express credit card.

Pay …

  • ... with card and PIN.
  • ... amounts up to 25 euros contactless via NFC, without PIN and signature.
  • ... with Apple Pay.

How safe is Amex?

Security is a key issue for the credit card company. American Express takes the following security measures:

  • Notification service

    If you wish, you will receive an email or SMS for every transaction with your American Express credit card. You can react immediately if a transaction takes place that you did not initiate.

  • Purchase protection

    In participating online shops, the American Express Safekey security check is automatically carried out at the end of the payment process. In most cases, it is sufficient to enter the credit card details, but you can also ask for the TAN - a 6-digit security code. This will be sent to you by email or SMS.

Amex Centurion: The black credit card from American Express

The Amex Centurion is the most valuable American Express card and one of the most expensive credit cards in the world.

The following points show you what makes them special:

  • This card cannot be applied for, you can only be invited to do so.
  • The admission fee is 4000 euros.
  • The annual fee is 2000 euros.
  • It is only available to a very small number of American Express members.
  • There is no officially set limit for this credit card.
  • Owners enjoy particularly exclusive offers and bonuses.

Image source: American Express Company