Who is your favorite person besides you

5 signs that you are your family dog's favorite

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Five signs the dog loves you the most at home!

Not sure whether your family dog ​​has found his favorite person in you? If all of what you are about to read is true, you can be sure. And something like that!
Every dog ​​has him, that one person he just likes more than the rest of the gang. Well, that's the way it is ... Nobody said life was fair in this regard. The chosen person, who cannot help but notices it, among other things, that they secretly find all other family members a tiny bit stupid for it. And who could blame them for that? After all, EVERYONE wants to be the best friend of the Wuffi with the faithful eyes.
But of course that's not enough. A dog likes to let his loved one know exactly how much he has fallen for him compared to the other family members. If the following points apply to you and your family dog, then you can be sure: You are his great love!

1. Go for a walk without you? Without me!

If someone else in the family pulls the leash apart from you, Wuffi thinks it's pretty annoying. This is clearly demonstrated with drooping ears, drawn in tail, reproachful look and creeping to the door. Let everyone know! It only gets worse on the way. You can only move forward with a stop-and-go, and people turn around grouchily at every corner in the hope that they will finally step down.

2. Cuddling with others is not possible!

While children and husbands vainly for the attention of the dear four-legged friend, all you have to do is sit down on the sofa. The dog's head lies automatically on your lap. Cuddling up is nothing for woofy - somehow also very praiseworthy ;-)

3. The main thing is that YOU are back

You were on the way and Wuffi had to stay home alone for a few hours. Now you could theoretically divide your friends fairly, so that everyone is back. But no, the dog only has eyes for you, performs a top-class joyful dance - exclusively for you, of course - and does not leave your side for the next few minutes. He more or less ignores everyone else, regardless of long faces.

4. I'm so ... sad!

Tribulation is Wuffi's middle name when you are away from home. In this situation there is no way to even begin to think about eating. Rather than lying lethargic in the corner - the world is so cruel! Children and husbands often suspect something bad and prepare themselves internally to go to the vet. As soon as you stand in the door again, all lethargy is forgotten and your stomach is filled to your heart's content.

5. I like to play - that is, with the people who are close to my heart. It is clear!

Questions like "Can it be that Wuffi thinks his new toy is stupid?" Is something you can’t understand at all, when he was really raging with you yesterday. Well, what can you say about that ... Doesn't everyone have a favorite buddy somehow when it comes to fun ?!