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Uniqueness: Why it pays to be different

Everyone learns the same thing, completes the same courses of study and training that promise a high chance of success, wears the same dark suits, drives the same cars, takes a break and after work at the same time and then drives home to the furnishings from the same furniture store originates. On the other hand, everyone lays great emphasis on individuality, but the implementation of this very often fails. Instead, there is constant uniformity again. Even if it is not that easy, it is worth taking the step towards more uniqueness ...

5 reasons why uniqueness pays off

Up front: Uniqueness does not mean that you always wear the flashiest and most eye-catching outfit and thus attract attention at all costs. The understanding is not limited to mere external appearances, but also concerns the respective personality, opinions and individual values.

It's about just being yourself also - and especially - in those moments when you may not be doing exactly what everyone else is doing. This is exactly what makes it so difficult: The already trampled path that everyone else has taken is the easier alternative than the mostly stony and steep path that is initially associated with uniqueness. But the efforts are paying off - for several reasons:

  1. You make yourself irreplaceable

    If everyone is the same and always adapts perfectly, why should a HR manager hire you or what speaks for the boss giving you more responsibility or considering you first for the next upcoming promotion? Just - nothing at all. The greater the equality and conformity, the more replaceable the individual becomes.

    With uniqueness on the other hand, you make yourself absolutely irreplaceable - precisely because there is no one like you - be it because of your personality, your knowledge, your way of working or another unique selling point. Thus can Individuality an important success factor because you outdo your competition and cannot easily be replaced by someone else.

  2. You make yourself heard

    Ready-made opinions are a dime a dozen: The eternally constant lyre, constantly repeating arguments and pre-chewed statements that are spat out again by the respective interlocutor. At best, such a dialogue can still be described as deadly boring and most of them don't even listen anymore. You already know where all the talk is going, so you can save yourself the concentration.

    The does not mean that you should always take the contra position at every opportunity and in principle first have to disagree. But what really makes you heard are your unique and individual thoughts. Hardly anyone is interested in what you have picked up somewhere else and now only reproduce.

    If you want people to really listen to you, then don't tell what everyone else is saying. This also works if you have an opinion and want to agree with a thesis. What counts and makes it interesting is that you describe things from your point of view - then you can be sure of the attention of your audience.

  3. You are pursuing your own goals

    You have to do your high school diploma ..., You should study ..., With the apprenticeship, all doors are open to you ... There are certainly well-intentioned pieces of advice that shouldn't be ignored, but in the end it's about To find the right path for yourself, to make your own decisions and to bear the consequences for them. Nobody will be happy if he just chases after the goals of others and in the end realizes that he would rather have done something else with his time and energy.

    Your own goals may not always coincide with those of your direct contacts - but they don't have to. How boring would the world be if everyone had the same goal? Their uniqueness can also lead to a more content and happier lifeif you do what is really your nature.

  4. You don't have to pretend

    If you don't hide your uniqueness, but are proud of it, you can also bring it further positive characteristics with: authenticity and honesty. Both are highly valued not only in a private setting, but also in professional life. Many people want to please everyone, play different roles depending on the situation and conversation partner and actually wear a mask all day without ever showing their own face.

    This is not only exhausting and carries the risk of becoming entangled more and more in a web of made-up personality and pretended views, but also also fuels enormous self-doubt. Constantly having the feeling that you are not good enough yourself, but that you have to pretend to please the environment and meet the requirements and expectations, darkens your self-image and lets your self-confidence collapse more and more.

  5. You are respected

    Of course, everyone is unique in their own way, but hardly anyone dares to show it. Partly it's understandable after all, it takes a good deal of courage to dare to step out of the protective crowdto swim against the current and just do something differently than everyone else. But it is precisely this path that is worthwhile.

    Since the Desire for uniqueness slumbers in so many people, you can earn their respect. They are exactly what so many would like to be: Simply different. We look up to the people who have done what we shy away from and convince ourselves that we cannot do it.

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