What is the quietest washing machine


Loud washing machines are often a nuisance.

Not everyone can relegate their washing machine to the basement - or want to, because constant climbing stairs and lugging clothes is a hassle. A quiet washing machine is needed.

If you actually have a fully functional washing machine and want to buy a new washing machine not just because of the volume, you can first try an anti-vibration mat and vibration dampers *. Because a lot of the noises a washing machine makes are caused by vibration.


Bosch WAY287W5 HomeProfessional

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The Bosch WAY287W5 HomeProfessional is the quietest washing machine on this list. But not only that - it is also the second most energy efficient. The anti-vibration design and noise insulation do an excellent job in terms of volume. Namely, one of the main sources of washing machine noise is the wobbling and shaking of the machine, which causes the cabinet to make noise. This is one of the reasons why it is important that the machine is upright.
The Bosch WAY287W5 HomeProfessional is also way ahead in terms of energy efficiency.

There is a considerable number of 16 different washing programs to choose from, so you can find the right one for every occasion and every type of laundry. There is also an automatic stain function that removes a large number of the most common types of stains.
The reload function is also very practical, with which you can add forgotten laundry even after the washing program has started. A load sensor and a start time preselection are also integrated.

Thanks to the AquaStop, all-round effective water protection is ensured, and the manufacturer even gives a lifelong guarantee against water damage.

All in all, an incredibly quiet washing machine that is recommended all round.

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Miele WKF311 WPS


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An extremely quiet, quality washing machine from Miele - in many households this name stands for durable, high-quality household appliances.

The Miele WKF311 WPS is a very quiet washing machine - even when spinning. When it comes to spinning noise, it's the quietest washing machine on this list - at 67 dB (A).

In a test by Stiftung Warentest 11/2018, this washing machine received the rating “good” (1.6) and was named the test winner together with two other washing machines.

In addition, this quiet washing machine is energy-saving. The machine is equipped with numerous washing programs, a suitable option can be found for every imaginable occasion and type of laundry. For example, there are special programs for shirts, silk, wool, outdoor clothing, sportswear, feathers and down, as well as a program for impregnating clothing. Various pre-programmed settings for different types of stains are available for removing stains.

This quiet washing machine also has a honeycomb drum, which, as the name suggests, is particularly gentle on washing. In the honeycomb drum, clothes and other laundry are also smoothed in the drum, which is equivalent to a pre-ironing function.

A pre-selected start time is also available.

In addition, as is almost mandatory, the washing machine is equipped with a water protection system. This is what the WPS (Waterproof System) stands for in the model name.

All in all, a particularly quiet and at the same time powerful and high-quality washing machine.

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Bauknecht WM Trend 724 ZEN


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Another extremely quiet washing machine is the Bauknecht WM Trend 724 ZEN. This machine runs very quietly - even when spinning.
The machine is equipped with a practical refill function, a dosage indicator, a start time pre-selection and full water protection. It is easy to use and switches off automatically at the end of the wash cycle. The display of the remaining time on the display is not always exactly accurate, but that can be tolerated.

A large number of program settings are available for optimal washing results, so you have the right washing program for every situation and every requirement.

The larger 9 kg machine from Bauknecht with the model designation WM Move 934 ZEN CD is also available with the same volume characteristics.

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Miele WMV963 WPS PWash 2.0 & TDos XL Tronic Wifi


An amazingly quiet, very spacious and powerful washing machine from the quality manufacturer Miele. Equipped with WiFi connectivity, it can be operated using the in-house Miele app.

16 washing programs are available to optimally clean the laundry depending on the requirements. Operation is simple and straightforward. Up to 3 different types of stains can be selected in the menu, the washing program then adjusts itself to remove them.

Further features are the TwinDos function, with which liquid detergent can be dosed automatically, and the load sensor. If the load is lower, the water and electricity consumption is automatically reduced. The pre-selected start time is also not missing in this premium model; it can even be set via the app when you are not at home. With the reload function, forgotten laundry can be added after the wash program has started. The steam function reduces the ironing effort by smoothing the laundry; it can be used separately or after a wash program. A waterproof system is integrated to prevent water damage.

Conclusion: a very quiet premium washing machine that leaves nothing to be desired.

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Miele WCR870 WPS


The Miele WCR870 WPS PWash 2.0 & TDos XL & WiFi is a quiet, front-loading washing machine that is equipped with all kinds of extras and special functions.

A number of washing programs are available, including those for wool, down and silk, as well as for outdoor clothing. You can even impregnate inside this washing machine. There is also a stain function, which removes the most common types of stains from dirty laundry.

The automatic amount allows the water and electricity consumption to be automatically adjusted to the amount of laundry. QuickPowerWash is available as a quick wash program, with which the laundry is ready in under an hour.

TDos or TwinDos stands for a function that adds liquid detergent to the laundry at two times that are optimally adapted to the washing process.

The thermal honeycomb drum allows laundry to be gently smoothed or pre-ironed, and it also protects textiles. The honeycomb structure of the drum protects the laundry from damage. The drum also has lighting.

The front of this quiet washing machine is made of enamel and is therefore resistant to scratches, acids and corrosion. In addition, the machine can be easily wiped off.

This quiet washing machine is also energy-saving and the waterproof system provides protection against water damage.

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Miele WWR880 WPS


The Miele WWR880 WPS PWash 2.0 & TDos XL & Wifi & Steam is another very quiet washing machine and its features make it one of the premium models.

This washing machine has an extensive selection of washing programs. From silk and delicates to wool, shirts, dark clothing, jeans, outdoor and sportswear to pillows, duvets and curtains, the most diverse types of textiles can be optimally washed.

The automatic quantity control automatically optimizes the water and electricity consumption depending on the load. The QuickPowerWash short program cleans dirty laundry in under an hour.

The designation TDos or TwinDos stands for the automatic addition of liquid detergent in 2 phases. The dosage is optimally matched to the load, which also saves on detergent compared to manual dosage.

Like many Miele models, this washing machine also has a honeycomb drum. The honeycomb structure of the drum is gentle on textiles. SteamCare is the steam function that reduces the ironing effort by smoothing the laundry. The function can then be switched on to a washing program or used as a separate smoothing program.

The enamelled front is resistant to scratches, acids and corrosion. Ease of cleaning is also an advantage.

You can also set when the washing program should start. This washing machine can be controlled and monitored from anywhere using an app. So you can pre-select the start time of the washing machine at work.

The waterproof system (WPS) protects this washing machine from water damage.

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Bosch WAW28500


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The Bosch WAW28500 is also a low-noise front loader.

Numerous washing programs are available. The allergy program is particularly worth mentioning here, otherwise the usual suspects such as silk and delicates, wool hand wash, sportswear, shirts and blouses, blankets and a few more are represented.
An automatic stain function enables 4 types of stain to be removed.
The washing result is very good, and that with low power consumption.

By adding two options called SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect, almost each of the programs can be modified to save time or energy.

With a special short program, 2 kg of laundry can be washed in 15 minutes.
The pre-selected start time is another useful feature.

The drum structure is wave-shaped, which should ensure better water distribution.

The AquaStop system also protects against leaks in this machine. The double-walled inlet hose, a safety valve and a floor pan with a float switch prevent water damage.

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Energy-saving, quiet washing machine with steam function

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The AEG L9FE86495 is an amazingly quiet washing machine and also the most energy-efficient on this list - it only consumes 65 kilowatt hours per year.

The operation is simple and intuitive, partly via touchscreen. The control elements and their arrangement are optically very successful.
There are numerous programs to choose from, as well as a universal stain option. Time, water and energy consumption can be automatically adjusted to the amount of laundry.
The water hardness can be set according to the residential area in order to use the water softening function. Commercially available dishwasher salt must be added to this.

A special steam function reduces creases. This also reduces the ironing effort. With wet, freshly washed laundry you only see this minimally, but you can also use the steam function separately for smoothing and freshening laundry. The function is actually very effective and very practical for laundry that has only been worn once but is wrinkled.
This function can also be used to remove unwanted odors.

The most important thing: the washing results are thorough, even lint and hair are removed from the laundry.

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Siemens iQ700 WM14W5A1 iSensoric


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Another quiet washing machine is the Siemens iQ700 WM14W5A1 iSensoric. On the one hand, the particularly quiet motor that is installed here, a long-life iQdrive motor, has a noise-reducing effect. In addition, an anti-vibration design gives this washing machine more stability and smoothness.

A number of special washing programs are available for the main purpose - washing. These include delicates and silk, wool and hand wash, outdoor, sports and business clothing, lingerie, and a few more. There is also a hygiene program and a short program of just 15 minutes. The maximum load varies depending on the program. An extra rinse can also be added.

The laundry becomes very clean and that with comparatively little consumption of water, energy and detergent.

An anti-stain function also allows special stains to be removed on this machine. 4 different types of stains are removed, namely grass, red wine, grease and blood stains. But many other types of stains can also be removed by choosing the stain program that most closely resembles the specific stain.

In addition, time- or energy-optimized programs can be selected. A sensor can determine the optimal water consumption. I can even change the spin speed at the push of a button during the washing process.

The reload function for forgotten items of laundry allows the program to be interrupted and the machine to be opened. Thanks to the drum's LED lighting, you won't miss any socks after the wash.

With the end time preselection, you can determine in advance when the laundry load should be ready.

The AquaStop system serves as protection against leaks.

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Quiet washing machine with easy operation


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This is a quiet washing machine that uses very little electricity and water and delivers very good washing results. Special technology makes this washing machine extremely energy-saving and quiet in operation, and at the same time very sustainable with a long service life.

The machine has 12 special programs. There are also 4 different stain removal programs that remove the most common types of stains. You don't have to do without the practical refill function for forgotten laundry.

The simple operation with a clear, bright LED display is another plus point. Despite the simple operation, there are numerous setting options.

Furthermore there is an all-round effective water protection with the AquaStop.

It should be mentioned that the detergent drawer can drip a little when opened after the wash cycle. You cannot add liquid detergent via the detergent drawer either; this would have to be added directly into the drum.

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The volume is an important purchase criterion, especially if you want to set up the washing machine in your home.

The volume of a washing machine is noted on the EU energy label. When choosing the machine you should of course pay attention to this manufacturer's information.

High noise levels are reached during the spin cycle, but this only lasts for a limited period of time. The background noise when washing is much longer. Ideally, you will find a device that achieves low volume levels in both washing phases. Otherwise, you should consider whether the constant noise during washing is undesirable or whether noise peaks should be avoided during spinning.

Good guide values ​​for quiet appliances are up to 72 dB (A) when spinning and up to 48 dB (A) when washing.

The decisive factor for the volume level is also how securely the machine is. This is especially important when spinning. The subsurface and the weight of the device are influencing factors. High dead weight leads to a better stand.

If the machine is unsteady or not completely level, the cladding also causes noises due to vibration when shaking and wobbling.

An anti-vibration mat and anti-vibration feet * can ensure better stability and a quieter, lower-vibration run of the washing machine.

Optimal set-up and filling are therefore a prerequisite for achieving low volume levels.

When buying a quiet washing machine, you should also consider the following points:


Energy and water consumption

It is obvious that the quiet washing machine should ideally consume little electricity and water. The EU energy label provides information on consumption.

The values ​​of all machines are determined under uniform conditions so that the consumption figures can be easily compared.

When it comes to water consumption, the capacity of the washing machine should also be included in the comparison.

A hot water connection on the washing machine can be advantageous. This can also save energy.


Personal requirements

Quiet washing machines are available with a variety of different equipment features, which are often associated with a surcharge. Therefore, it makes sense to first consider which properties are important to you, which features are just nice extras, and which features are unnecessary gimmicks.

In order to enjoy the washing machine for a long time, you should try to cover all personal requirements and wishes with the device.

Inexpensive devices or no-name products do not put such a strain on the wallet when purchasing, but they often result in higher operating costs in the form of electricity and water consumption. They are often detrimental in the long run. When it comes to longevity, support and spare parts, you often get the short straw. Particularly annoying if you have waived any wishes for the equipment due to the purchase price.
It is therefore often worthwhile to invest a little more when purchasing.

When narrowing down the desired model, the capacity, the design and the width of the quiet washing machine probably cause the fewest difficulties.



How many people live in the household and how often the washing machine is switched on provides a good indication of the optimal capacity.

Since washing mostly wastes energy and water when the machine is half full, you should regularly use a full wash load. Washing with a half-full machine does not use half of the electricity and water, but disproportionately more.

For 1 to 2 people, a capacity of 5-6 kg is usually sufficient, larger households are well served with 7-8 kg and for more than 5 people you can think about using machines from 8 kg and more.

If dirty laundry is collected for a long time, smaller households can confidently opt for a larger machine. The only important thing is to get it full on a regular basis.


Design and width

Quiet washing machines are available in all common designs, i.e. as fully integrated or built-in washing machines, as well as free-standing and built-in machines.
Free-standing machines are those with complete exterior cladding that are set up separately. Built-under washing machines can be stowed under a worktop, e.g. in the kitchen. Fully integrated washing machines can be completely hidden behind a cabinet door.

Pay attention to the width of the quiet washing machine, 60 cm and 45 cm are common.


Washing programs

Usually whites and coloreds, easy care, hand wash, short and eco programs are part of the standard equipment of most quiet washing machines.

There are also special programs for blouses, jeans, outdoor and sportswear, down and numerous other textiles. The extent to which these are necessary is personal preference. If you have numerous special items of clothing with special requirements, such special programs can definitely make sense.


Spin power

The spin speed has a major impact on how dry the laundry comes out of the machine. Higher-speed machines throw more water out of the laundry.
The spin efficiency classes are divided according to the residual moisture in the laundry.

When using a dryer, the result is that the higher the maximum spin speed of the washing machine, the lower the power consumption.

Spinning at 1,600 rpm helps the dryer save energy, but it also puts a greater strain on the laundry. If the laundry is left to air dry anyway, lower spin speeds are sufficient. However, machines with less than 1,200 rpm should be avoided.


Special functions

Modern washing machines are often equipped with automatic quantity control and automatic dosing. The amount of water and energy or amount of detergent are automatically adapted to the load and the degree of soiling of the laundry.

Especially with washing machines that automatically add detergent or fabric softener, the water hardness level of the residential area must first be set directly on the device. This is the only way to add the correct amount of care products. This is important to avoid odors and detergent overdosing and associated detergent residue.

An additional rinse cycle or an interruption of the wash cycle can also be set up using appropriate special functions. A reload function is very useful for forgotten laundry.

A pre-selected start time and pre-selected end time can also be practical, especially for working people. Remaining time displays are often integrated, but mostly not too precise.


Water protection system and manufacturer's guarantee

A water protection system is particularly recommended in apartments. This flood protection is usually referred to as the AquaStop or Waterproof system. At the same time, many manufacturers give a guarantee on the reliability of the water protection systems over the entire service life of the washing machine. This can also help with the purchase decision.


user friendliness

The user-friendliness of the quiet washing machine includes an intuitive program selection, self-explanatory symbols and labels, as well as the option to add laundry, stop or interrupt the washing program. In the best case, you should understand how to select programs and what is shown on the display without a manual. The hatch should be large enough for laundry to be easily inserted. The opening angle should also be sufficiently large.
If you transport and assemble the washing machine yourself, it is advantageous if the machine is not excessively heavy. This is also important if you want to move it later. On the other hand, the higher the dead weight, the better the machine.