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"A little meditation a day keeps the doctor away." According to a study by Harvard University, meditation not only reduces the stress level so that you feel more balanced and relaxed, but also the immune system can be strengthened with the help of meditation. However, you do not have to become a guru yourself. Ten to 15 minutes of meditation a day are enough. Mindfulness exercises influence brain structures and activity in such a way that memory and concentration are demonstrably improved.

We have selected the seven best meditation apps from the numerous available apps, which are suitable for both beginners and advanced meditators and can help you to find your inner balance.


7Mind offers guided meditations with audio explanations. Seven basic meditations form the basis of the app. For a fee you can also find courses on various topics such as “happiness”, “concentration” or “fear”. The meditations are tailored to specific situations and help you to overcome anger or lull you to sleep. The app is just as suitable for those who are experienced in meditation as it is for newbies, because the basics are clearly explained and accompanied by visualizations and thought journeys. It is also suitable for school children.
Free for iOS and Android

Ten Percent Happier

The makers of 10% Happier do not promise great luck. Instead, with the help of users, self-tests and scientific studies, you have found that meditation and mindfulness can make you 10 percent happier than before. And this app was developed as a tool for that. Video and audio meditations are led by respected meditation and mindfulness teachers. The aim of the app manufacturers is to focus attention so that people who find it difficult to sit also learn to meditate on a daily basis. You also practice your newfound awareness of other areas of life, such as relationships, your work, or everyday things such as transferring your meals. Unfortunately, the app is currently only available in English.
Free for iOS and Android


The web-based application Calm invites you to relax and dream. On the go, at home or during the lunch break. To switch off for a moment, you can call up the app on the desktop or your smartphone and choose between different motifs, which are highlighted with suitable sounds. You lie on the beach, hear birds chirping, waves break and take a deep breath. In addition, Calm also offers you online courses with guided meditations of different lengths (two to 20 minutes) so that you can individually integrate meditation into everyday life. In English, but easy to understand, Calm helps you to positively influence various areas of your life, so that you can achieve more restful sleep, more creativity, increased concentration and new energy.
Free for iOS and Android

The mindfulness app

The mindfulness app helps you to be more aware of yourself and your activities. Guided, silent, and personalized meditations are offered so that you can choose whichever option is best for you to focus on your body and thoughts. Over time, you will be able to apply this skill in your everyday life. Depending on your needs, exercises of different lengths are available, which the app will be happy to remind you of, so that you can pause briefly in your daily activities. You can tell whether you have taken enough time out from the clear statistics that the mindfulness app creates for you.
Free for iOS and Android

You have a break

If you forget to take breaks from everyday stress, you can use this useful relaxation reminder. An exercise in the "You have a break" app only takes ten minutes and can be briefly inserted anywhere. The meditations offered are tailored to different topics such as parenting, traveling, sleeping, work, or health. The founder of the app, who has been involved with meditation and yoga for over 25 years, guides you through the exercises via audio recording and explains them step by step. So that you are not disturbed by mobile phone notifications, you can also use the guided meditations and the silent break in which you deepen your meditation practice in offline mode.
Free for iOS and Android


Headspace only takes ten minutes of your time every day. To learn techniques and basics, you first complete a basic course in which you learn the correct breathing techniques and the ability to engage in meditation. You will learn how to perform a so-called "body scan". The basic version is free of charge, but can be expanded to include various paid subscription models whose courses deal with depression, anxiety, stress, patience or creativity. Especially people with endlessly circling carousels of thought can switch off with Headspace. Pictures and animations illustrate how our brain works, which problems can block us during meditation and what we can do to overcome these blockages.
Free for iOS and Android


"MyLife. Stop, Breathe & Think “- a piece of advice, an app: You are encouraged to take a short break in everyday life and to reflect on yourself. Clear instructions and a clear design make it easier to get started with meditation. The meditation exercises are based on your very personal situation and your daily form. For the right exercise, indicate your emotional state and your well-being on a scale. On this basis, MyLife recommends meditations of various lengths for you to choose from. A calm voice gives you instructions so that even those new to meditation know exactly what to do in order for the meditation to have the desired effect.
Free for iOS and Android


Each of these meditation apps has its own advantages and focuses. Depending on which goal you want to achieve, whether you have been dealing with meditation and mindfulness for a long time, which design and which functionality suits you and which speakers you find pleasant, these meditation apps will help you to live more mindfulness. Our tip: Test some of the apps in their basic version, then decide on the one that suits you best and then stay on the ball with short, daily exercises.

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