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Plural 1 historical unit of weight, unit of weight or mass that replaced the pound as the weight of precious metals, precious metals and coins from the 11th century onwards. The mark is traditionally half, half a pound and was usually divided into 8 ounces, ounces or 16 lots
Plural 1 short for the historical currency denomination, currency denominations Reichsmark, Deutsche Mark, Mark of the German Central Bank and GDR Mark, derived from
History, plural 2 an area on the historical borders of the Franconian Empire or the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (Border mark)
Plural 2, especially in northern Germany, used to be the free one (Pasture-)Land outside the villages that was jointly owned by the farmers
Anatomy, biology soft matter in the core of bones, stems or fruits
Gastronomy puree mostly made from vegetables or fruit
male first name
  • Word separation:
    • Mark, Pl.1 Mark, Pl.2 Marks
    • Mark, no plural
    • Mark, Pl.1 Marks, Pl.2 Marks
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