Where in China is the Jiangnan area

The 4 most beautiful Jiangnan gardens

Jiangnan (江南) is the area south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and was an important agricultural and trading center in the ancient imperial times of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Jiangnan area today includes southern Jiangsu, northern Zhejiang and Anhui, and the city of Shanghai. Due to its geographical location in the Yangtze Delta (长江 三角洲), Jiangnan is a water-rich area with numerous rivers and lakes. This includes in particular the picturesque Taihu Lake, on which the cultural cities of Suzhou and Wuxi are located. Jiangnan is also crossed by the famous Great Canal (also known as the Imperial Canal), which connects the Imperial City of Beijing in the north with the city of Hangzhou in the south and is considered the longest man-made waterway in the world. In the Jiangnan area there are many enchanting water villages, where old houses, small bridges, winding water channels and classic gardens attract tourists from all over the world. Jiangnan has long been known as the "Land of Fish and Rice". And the cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou in Jiangnan are called "Paradise on Earth".

Jiangnan is also famous across China and around the world for its private gardens. In the Garden City of Suzhou alone, there were 271 private gardens in the Ming Dynasty and 130 in the Qing Dynasty. Today about 60 Suzhou Gardens are well preserved, which are of the top performance of Chinese garden design. Many other excellent gardens are located throughout the Jiangnan area, particularly Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Yangzhou, Hangzhou, and Shaoxing. The 4 most famous Jiangnan Gardens include the Liuyuan Garden (留 园) and the Zhuozheng Garden (拙政园) in Suzhou, the Jichang Garden (寄 畅 园) in Wuxi and the Zhanyuan Garden (瞻园) in Nanjing.

In the following we would like to introduce you to these 4 most famous gardens as well as other well-known gardens in Jiangnan in detail.

Top 4 most famous Jiangnan Gardens

  • The Zhuozheng Garden in Suzhou (Zhouzheng-Yuan)
    Zhouzheng-Yuan, the garden of the humble politician, is the largest classical garden in Suzhou, one of the 10 most beautiful gardens in Suzhou and has been on the UNESCO list since 1997.
  • The Liuyuan Garden in Suzhou
    Liuyuan, the garden of lingering, is particularly well-known among the 10 most beautiful gardens in Suzhou for its ornate architecture and has been on the UNESCO list since 1997.
  • The Jichang Garden in Wuxi (Jichang-Yuan)
    Qingyuan in Wuxi, the Jichang Garden or Garden of Disintegration, combines with the natural landscape of water and mountains and is known for its high garden art and its peculiar style.
  • The Zhanyuan Garden in Nanjing
    Zhanyuan in Nanjing, Garden of Contemplation, is the oldest garden in Nanjing and famous for its ornate rock formation and distinctive water and hill landscape.

More private gardens in Jiangnan

  • Top 6 private gardens in Shanghai
    Top 6 classic gardens in Shanghai are the popular private gardens Yu Garden, Guyi Garden, Qiuxia Garden, Qushui Garden, Daguanyuan Garden and Zuibai Pond.
  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens in Suzhou and Tongli and Mudu Water Villages
    Top 10 most beautiful gardens in Suzhou as well as other private gardens in Tongli and Mudu water villages. Of these, 9 gardens are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • The 4 most beautiful gardens and parks in Nanjing
    The most beautiful gardens and parks in Nanjing are the two private gardens, Zhanyuan Garden and Xuyuan Garden, and the two sea parks Mochouhu Park and Xuanwuhu Park.
  • The 4 most beautiful gardens in Wuxi
    The top 4 most beautiful classical gardens in Wuxi are Jichangyuan Garden, Liyuan Garden, Meiyuan Garden, and Xuejia Huayuan Garden.
  • The 3 most beautiful gardens in Yangzhou
    The 3 most beautiful classical gardens in Yangzhou are the Slender West Lake Shouxihu, the Heyuan Garden and the Geyuan Garden, also called the Garden of Half Bamboo.
  • The most beautiful gardens and parks in Hangzhou
    The bridges, the dikes, the pavilions, the temples and the wonderful landscapes in and around the West Lake Xihu represent the most beautiful gardens and parks in Hangzhou.
  • Top 4 classic private gardens in Shaoxing
    The 4 most famous gardens in Shaoxing are Shen Shenyuan Family Garden, Refeuranken Qingteng-Shuwu's Study, Baltic Sea Donghu and Orchid Pavilion Lanting.

More private gardens in Lingnan

  • The 5 most famous Lingnan gardens
    Top 5 of the most beautiful Lingnan Gardens in the Lingnan area in southern China are Yuyin-Yuan, Liang-Yuan, Qinghui-Yuan, Ke-Yuan and Chen-Jia-Ci, the ancestral temple of the Chen family.

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