What is the purpose of burning incense

Tips and common questions

Security notice

Incense candles, incense sticks and incense may only be used on a fire-proof surface and under supervision. Please note that all incense burners can get hot during use. Therefore, always place the censer on a surface that is insensitive to temperature.

Use a sufficiently large censer for each size of incense cones!

While the smokers for our minis (XS) can be smaller than 12 cm, smokers with a size of at least 13 cm are required for the size M. The giants in size XL and XXL should only be brought to smolder in sufficiently large incense figures or special incense burners.

Use of incense burners

Our incense burners are delivered with a closed sieve for smoking resins and herbs and a sieve with a central hole for smoking giant incense cones (size XL and XXL).

To smoke the giants, the perforated sieve is placed in the upper bowl of the incense burner and the incense candle is put upside down in the hole after lighting.

The closed sieve should be used to smoke resins. The height adjustment of the upper bowl enables a very good dosage of the odor development of the smoking resin.

Our tip: place a thin aluminum foil on the sieve in the upper bowl of the incense burner before you put the incense resin on it. This means that the sieve is not contaminated and the liquid resin does not drip into the lower bowl. After smoking, the film with the residues can simply be disposed of.

However, if cleaning is necessary, simply use water, soap and a brush.

Cleaning of incense burners

All incense burners (especially the incense holder) should be cleaned regularly. When several incense cones burn down, resin and fragrance deposits form, which smell unpleasant when smoldering and can smoke very heavily. You should therefore regularly clean your censer with warm water, soap and a brush.