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Internship at the NGO SIDART in Jaipur, India

"The NGO nature and deep insights into the culture of Rajasthan"

In the summer of 2011 I went to Jaipur, in Rajasthan, India for three months to work for the NGO SIDART (Society for Integrated Development Activities, Research and Training), which mainly works in the field of women empowerment and HIV / AIDS, to do an internship. I got the job through the large, global internship database of AIESEC, an international student organization.

It was my second stay in India and yet the beginning was a big change for me. When I first talked to my boss, for example, I didn't even understand half of it because I was so unfamiliar with the Indian accent of her English. Fortunately, that changed after the first week and with the help of my nice colleagues.

At the beginning my job was mainly to visit schools and to ask the directors to To fill in questionnaires for research on the schools in the area of ​​the NGO. This was an exciting task for me because it gave me a good insight into the school system in Rajasthan and was able to work very independently. The project development, which was supposed to be done with the help of the questionnaires, then proceeded very slowly, which was sometimes very depressing for me because it made my work seem pointless, but there were also other activities that interested me.

An important area was the preparation of reports for donor organizations in Europe on workshops and seminars that were held with women in the surrounding villages. Sometimes I was allowed to attend these workshops and was able to gain a lot of valuable experience despite the language barriers. A highlight during my internship was certainly when I was able to present SIDART during a visit to a representative of the Bodyshop Foundation, who visited the NGO to decide whether the Foundation would support SIDART.

Another interesting event for me was visiting the Minister of Health of Rajasthan with a colleague to apply for support for an HIV / AIDS clinic. I also went to the HIV / AIDS clinic a few times, which was in an area where many truck drivers were taking breaks. The ambulance provided treatment and advice for truckers and prostitutes, and there were also social workers who were active in the area. Here, too, my job was to write reports on the work of the ambulance.

Even if the internship was not always easy, because the working methods were sometimes very different from those I knew from Austria and I had to recognize that the NGO being is just a business like any other, these three months were nevertheless a great time for me. Through the internship I got to know many local people who enabled me to get deep insights into the culture of Rajasthan. Some of my colleagues became good friends, whom I visited again this summer and whose visit to Austria I am now waiting for.

(Report from a former intern)


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