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MNP: D2 and E-Plus lose, O2 and D1 benefit

Since November 1, 2002, mobile phone customers in Germany have been able to keep their number even if they change providers or networks. So far, however, the number of customers who have used this option is quite small. According to a report by the news magazine Focus, the smallest German network operator, o2, has so far been able to benefit from number porting, while Vodafone has primarily lost customers.

According to the Focus report, Vodafone D2 has so far lost 1,910 customers who took their number to a competitor. E-Plus also lost 81 more customers to its competitors than it was able to gain in the same period, while the market leader T-Mobile was able to welcome 249 new customers who took their mobile phone number with them from a D1 competitor. According to Focus, o2 was able to acquire 1 742 exchange customers. Above all, the Genion product, which is only available in this form from o2, was likely to have been decisive for a change to the Munich company.

E-Plus is launching a campaign today under the motto "Switch to E-Plus now! Keep your own phone number!". It remains to be seen how the action will play out in the future. Above all, the Time & More tariffs for private customers and the professional tariffs with automatic tariff for business customers are being advertised. Like o2, E-Plus also enables customers to switch their SIM cards in advance. The customers then first receive a provisional phone number before the final cell phone number is activated on the porting day or taken over by the previous provider.