What are good books for computer architecture

Computer architecture - books?

I think the question is not easy to answer either, because there are several levels of knowledge that hardly any book covers extensively.

A relatively good overview book was e.g. the PC hardware book by Hans Messmer, unfortunately the last edition was very easy to ride because of the amount of information, but still good.

For the memory organization of Windows it would be good to know how Dos and Realmode were structured and how the further development towards Windows goes hand in hand with the further development of the Pentium (Protected Mode). First understand real mode, then protected mode and also virtual mode and the later "rip" mode (64 bit).
You also need tools like disassemblers and debuggers, memory dumpers and stuff like that to look at system internals directly.
In addition, there are source codes here and there from system-level programs that also help.
Certain literature by Windows experts such as Jeffrey Richter or Solomon and Russinovich would also be worth reading.

If you know exactly where to go, it's easier to say what tools you can use. Thread posting sounds a bit like "wants to" program "the operating system. The best way to make rapid progress here is to join others who are working on an" operating system. "