How do I use pynotify in Windows

Is there such a thing as inotify on Windows?

Under Linux there is the Ionotify subsystem, which informs an application about changes to the file system.

However, I'm mainly a Windows user and I was wondering if there is a similar way to monitor changes to the file system.


If you use .net , use . You can find more information here:

If you are with C. , Use , , . Further information here:

Under OSX the relevant API is the API.

They all differ slightly from one another and in marginal cases show a questionable reliability. In general, you cannot rely on these APIs for a complete view of all changes 100% of the time. Most file system monitoring users combine it with regular scans to compensate for lost or incomplete information from the push API.

A little late but ...

Windows has a feature similar to OSX Events that lets you monitor events without running an app. The Windows USN Journal keeps track of all file changes. Jeffrey Richter (author of Advanced Windows) wrote a great work sample article for the MSDN Journal. Update : Article now from, as MSJ is no longer online at MS.

MSDN Documentation for USN Change Journals.

USN change journals are probably better if you are building applications like backup tools or indexes that need to monitor entire volumes.

FileSystemWatcher () is unreliable, mainly because the error handling for the watcher buffer is more or less incomplete. Due to the lack of path and detailed information on error handling, Microsoft does not offer the possibility to restore the working directory or to query it manually.

JNotify for Windows is also unreliable as this error comes from win32. JNotify uses win32. So it's no different from FileSystemWatcher ().

I did a bit of searching, I remember something similar for Windows. There is FileSystemWatcher for .NET. It's mainly for NT or XP and beyond.

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