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Alternative to Quora starts in Germany

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The US knowledge portal 'Quora' has outgrown the beta phase and is now also available in German. Since is already enjoying great popularity in this country, the question arises whether we need another Q&A forum? What's different about Quora?

Founder Adam D’Angelo answered this question to the Gründerszene as follows: "Wikipedia summarizes facts from various sources, including articles. At Quora, the questioners receive answers from experts. They have new knowledge, some of which has not yet been published." So it's about expertise. This fact becomes clear when you register, because shortly after registration - possible with real names via social login - Quora first asks you about the topics that interest you the most. You can then specify specific areas of knowledge, interests and hobbies. Your details form the basis for which posts will appear in your feed later. Basically, you declare yourself an expert who can both pose a question and answer other posts. The community determines how valuable they find a contribution to be based on positive or negative ratings.

Anyone who is on the platform for the first time - which, according to their own statement, has 200 million users and, in addition to German and English, also exists in French, Spanish and Italian versions - will also find open questions of overriding relevance that are not assigned to any member. For example "What are the human bodies made of?", "What is the most important marketing tool for small businesses?" or "What would happen if everyone wanted to have their bank balance paid out in Germany?" You can follow these timelines via a corresponding button to stay up to date when comments have been added.

The Californian company Quora became popular among other things through its famous active users. Including Jason Bateman (actor known from 'Kill the Boss', 'Hancock' or 'Voll Ripzockt'), Hillary Clinton, Tim Ferriss (author of the bestseller 'Die-4-Stunden-Woche') and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The latter, however, only posted one question on the portal. Although it was only recently officially launched, many questions in German were already posted in the beta phase. So you will already find plenty of reading material.

The main differences between and Quora are, on the one hand, the fact that many participate anonymously at, which sometimes reduces the quality of the answers, and on the other hand, the rating system. At Quora you can select "rate positively" or "rate negatively", at you can vote up and down. It is difficult to determine whether both lead to exactly the same result. is, however, more open. You can search for questions and read articles without having registered. With Quora there is no way around a previous registration.