When was John Wilkes Booth killed

"The Last Day of Abraham Lincoln - Death of a Legend" in "Universum History"

As part of the ORF program focus on the US election on October 16 at 10:35 p.m. on ORF 2

Vienna (OTS) - On April 14, 1865, just days after the end of the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The next day he succumbs to his injuries. He is the first US President to be killed in a political assassination attempt. Using recreated scenes and historical documents, the new “Universum History” documentary draws “The Last Day of Abraham Lincoln - Death of a Legend” by Molly Hermann (ORF adaptation: Judith Brandner) in the run-up to the US presidential election on November 3rd (Details on the ORF program focus at presse.ORF.at) on Friday, October 16, 2020, at 10:35 p.m. on ORF 2, the last hours in the life of the 16th US President.

President Abraham Lincoln was attending a performance at Ford’s Theater in Washington with his wife when he was shot at close range in the head. The assassin is actor John Wilkes Booth, a fanatical Confederate supporter and proponent of slavery, which Lincoln recently abolished. Other members of the government are also murdered or seriously injured in the conspiracy. On April 15, 1865, Abraham Lincoln died of his injuries. Assassin John Wilkes Booth is killed days later after resisting arrest. His co-conspirators were sentenced to death and executed in July 1865.

The presidency of Abraham Lincoln (1861–1865) is considered one of the most important in the history of the United States: Under Lincoln, slavery was abolished and the way was paved for a centrally governed, modern industrial state. This created the basis for the USA's rise to world power in the 20th century.

When Lincoln was elected American President in 1860, the conflict between North and South escalated. Eleven of the southern states, whose economic system was based on the preservation of slavery, left the union. The southern states formed their own confederation of the Confederate States of America. As a result, there was a war of civil secession between the Confederates and the Northern States. Lincoln's tenure was marked by the Civil War. For him, the national cohesion of the United States was paramount, and he ultimately enforced the restoration of the Union.

"The Last Day of Abraham Lincoln - Death of a Legend" is an exciting piece of contemporary history that shows the difficult early days of the USA - and thus the conflict between the southern states and the north, the supporters and opponents of slavery.

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