Why does nobody see my Twitch stream

Why you are not having success on Twitch

Your stream always has 0 viewers. You talk to yourself and no one is listening. You have all the gear, but no idea. Green screen - but nobody sees it. Chatbot - but nobody texts you. The only like on your FB fanpage is from mom.

In 2011, Ninja became a partner on Twitch, but only after another five years did he slowly become really successful. For so long he had to prove that he really wanted success more than anyone, any other streamers of the last 10 years.

What does "Success on Twitch" mean?

Success on Twitch is in many ways comparable to success as a musician. It is not enough just to play an instrument to become a star.

The street musician comparison

Quiz question: How many spectators come to the concert of an artist who nobody knows? Right, zero. It's the same with your stream. Nobody knows you because you have never played "privately" in front of a group of friends to see how you would arrive. Because you've never posted video of yourself on your social media channels to see what the feedback is like. As with musicians who have to earn their first fans for weeks in the cold on the street and play embarrassingly in front of friends and at grandma's birthday party - the beginning is tough, and most streamers are too soft to get through it.

The difference between "entertain" and "entertain"

Most streamers talk to themselves, only a few manage to entertain viewers. One is talking to yourself, the other is good entertainment. Guess what you're doing

You are not a class clown

But you have to be. The class clown doesn't care how embarrassing or stupid the action is, even if he gets a reprimand for it. Only one thing is important: the class laughs and the attention is with him. If you can entertain the audience better than the others, it doesn't matter how you play what. No matter what you do, make it look interesting.

BUT: There is a very fine line between a clown and an idiot. Nobody wants to watch an idiot try to make something look great. It has to come across as authentic when you laugh or get upset, not wanted.

Your quality sucks

In terms of quality, you can quickly make out 2 camps:

1. You just stream for fun, get a microphone that doesn't sound completely cruel and a camera on which you can distinguish a sausage sandwich from a face - et voilà, the fun stream is ready. Of course, this will never lead to the desired success, but that is also clear to everyone.

2. Whoever has understood that a stream from which one can live is a business, puts more passion and investment into the streaming quality. Nevertheless: Engagement with the community is and will always be more important than audio and image quality. Even if the packaging is beautiful, if the product is not right, it will not be a success.

You think you're smarter than the rest

But you are not. When everyone is playing Fortnite, you're playing some very special indie game from Japan. You think that will make you stand out from the crowd. That's true, but only to the extent that everyone else is watching, and you don't. There's a very good reason everyone is playing a certain game right now: it's a trend. Trend means mass. Mass means success. Success without quantity is not possible, so make up your mind. But: Anyone who streams Fortnite with 0 viewers ends up on page 100 and will never be found or clicked. There must be spectators before you jump into the shark tank. It will never work on its own. Find streamers with whom you play together, do co-ops and network in the scene. Either you survive as part of the streamer herd or you die alone in the forest. Sad but true.

You're beautiful, but you can't help it

Boob bonus is all well and good, but the top streamers worldwide are not models and have not been successful because they are so beautiful. It may be that women have an easier time getting to around 20 viewers on Twitch, but after that, great beauty also ends. Iron rule: skill before cleavage.

Good picture, a beautiful face - yes, that certainly helps to attract attention initially. But if there is nothing behind it, the audience is gone faster than they came.

Promo is king

What do Hollywood stars do when a new film hits theaters with them? Exactly, a promo tour on which they appear at a few good talk shows, but also (have to) advertise their new flick in very questionable formats. The goal is just to get as much media coverage as possible. How many web radio shows have you appeared in? In how many other videos and streams? How many times has your name been read in the newspaper? You'd be amazed how easy it is to get into the newspaper with a topic, no matter how stupid, and how your followers celebrate it when you talk about it on the stream. But, that has never happened before.

Not luck, but skill

“The tactics come by themselves” or “I'm so unlucky again” - Bullshit, you're not, you just can't do it. Good gameplay comes from skill, not luck. If Ninja wins by firing 3 grenades "over gang" in the direction of his opponent and then eliminating him with the gun in a hail of shells - then that's good entertainment. Right, kills like that require self-control, practice and a willingness to learn. Things you don't have.

And then, when you have learned everything, followed every tip and can memorize every step of the game, you realize that despite everything, it is more important to entertain than to win - winning just has to happen on the side if it is to look casual.

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