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Pregnancy yoga - gentle preparation for childbirth

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swissmom: Can you briefly explain what yoga means?

Beate Westdickenberg: Yoga is an old, traditional, Eastern science that is based on the consideration of body, mind and spirit. It was only a few decades ago that yoga was spread by Indian teachers in the West, and since then it has become increasingly popular with all age groups.

swissmom: Yoga for pregnant women, why is this kind of birth preparation so recommended?

Beate Westdickenberg: Yoga keeps the body supple and ensures a better supply of oxygen. The demands on the internal organs (kidneys, cardiovascular and hormonal systems) are supported. This has an impact on emotional stability. The pregnant woman experiences security in herself, lets herself into a process of “growing and becoming” and establishes a relationship with her baby. Both are ready for the powerful event “birth”.

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Beate Westdickenberg is a qualified physiotherapist (focus on babies / children) and yoga teacher (focus on women before and after birth). She is also a sling instructor and gives baby massage courses. She has also trained in prenatal psychology and accompanies women after difficult births. She works freelance in her own practice as well as in the private clinic "Bethanien". Beate Westdickenberg is the mother of two children.

swissmom: Is it also possible for women who are not practicing yoga to start during pregnancy?

Beate Westdickenberg: Yes, everything is explained precisely and simply. The groups should not be too large so that individual guidance is also possible. My course concept includes exchanges with one another and pregnancy-specific topics.

swissmom: From what month do you recommend a special yoga class for pregnant women?

Beate Westdickenberg: We recommend starting between the 12th and 20th week. The course then continues until the end of pregnancy.

swissmom: Can yoga also help alleviate pregnancy symptoms such as back pain or nausea?

Beate Westdickenberg: Some problems do not arise in the first place, others can be alleviated. For very persistent complaints, I recommend a few individual lessons or other therapies.

swissmom: Can special techniques be used during labor to breathe better and approach the joyful event without stress?

Beate Westdickenberg: Yes, breath plays an important role in managing contractions and providing oxygen. Each yoga class includes breathing exercises and prepares the women for a longer period of time for childbirth.

swissmom: Yoga is also very helpful after giving birth, why?

Beate Westdickenberg: The natural recovery time is supported with strengthening, revitalizing exercises for the pelvic floor, abdominal organs / muscles and joints. Breathing and relaxation contribute to inner balance and to coping with a new life situation.

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