You can change your middle name

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Since November 1st, 2018 it has been possible to redefine / change the order of the first names (first name sorting), which was usually determined by the parents when a birth was notarized. However, it is still not possible to change the spelling of first names or to omit individual first names.

To change the order, a declaration from the name bearer is required, which must be submitted to the responsible registry office.

How should the declaration be submitted?

The registry office, which keeps the birth register for the person whose first name is to be re-sorted, is responsible for receiving the declaration. If the birth is not documented in a German birth register, the registry office that keeps the person's marriage register or civil partnership register is responsible. If this does not result in any jurisdiction, the registry office in whose area of ​​jurisdiction the person has their place of residence or last had or has their habitual residence is responsible. If there is still no responsibility, the registry office I in Berlin is responsible.

The German diplomatic missions in the USA do not process declarations themselves, but forward them, if you wish, to the responsible registry office. However, you also have the option of your declaration directly to be sent to the responsible registry office. The signatures then have to be certified by a notary, for example.

If you submit your declaration via a German diplomatic mission abroad, you must be personally present at the appointment, as your signature must be certified on the declaration form.

What do I have to fill in?

Download the declaration form here:

Explanation form, German, barrier-free

Please print out the declaration form and fill it out carefully. Please used Not only capital letters, as this can lead to different spellings

Which documents are required?

If you have the explanation directly send to the registry office, please submit a fully completed Declaration form as well as the documents below as certified copy or original to the registry office. Copies can be certified by the embassy / consulate general or by Notary Public, see information sheet.

If, on the other hand, you submit your declaration via a German diplomatic mission abroad, please submit it two fully completed Explanatoryforms as well as the documents below as certified copy (+1 set of simple copies) or in the original (+2 sets of simple copies) in front.

  • Your passport and / or identity card
  • Your birth certificate
  • your marriage certificate, if applicable

What does the name declaration cost?

When you make an appointment at the diplomatic mission abroad, you only pay the fee for the Certification of your signature as well as the copies brought along. These can be paid in cash in US dollars at the current exchange rate or with a credit card in euros (Visa or Mastercard):

Authentication of the signatures on the declaration form
25.00 EUR
Certification of copies of the required documents up to 10 pages
every additional page
10..00 EUR
1.00 EUR

It is recommended to have a certificate of the validity of the name declaration issued for future passport applications. The fee for the exhibition is paid by the respective registry office individually set and is usually around 12.00 euros. Payment of this fee can be Not be done at a diplomatic mission abroad, but must be done directly to the responsible registry office. After receipt of your declaration, you will receive a payment request from the registry office.

Which diplomatic mission is responsible for me?

Please use the interactive consulate finder to find out which of the nine German diplomatic missions in the USA is responsible for you, the correct postal address of the diplomatic mission or whether you need an appointment to submit the name declaration.