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German-Portuguese Studies - Master

Study Regulations - German-Portuguese Studies / Estudos Luso-Alemães (Double Degree)


Master, StudO, from winter semester 2016/2017


The following is a brief summary of the requirements for this subject:


Study requirements:
B.A. Degree in Romance Studies or at least an equivalent degree in the same or a related one. Conditions can be imposed.

Start of studies:
Winter semester

Language requirements:
Portuguese (B1), English (B1), German (B1)

Scope of study:
4 semesters, 9 compulsory modules including master's thesis, 120 CP

Double degree with Universidade do Minho Braga, mandatory study visit of at least one semester in Minho. The 1st and 4th semester are studied in Frankfurt, the 2nd in Braga, and the 3rd semester either in Frankfurt or Braga

Either the specialization literature / cultural studies or linguistics is to be selected

Compulsory modules:

• DPS 1 - Academic Practice (10 CP)
• DPS 2 - Culture and Literature Transfer I (10 CP)
• DPS 3 - language structures (10 CP)
• DPS 4 - foreign language training (10 CP)
• DPS 5 - Culture and Literature Transfer II (10 CP)
• DPS 6 - bilingualism and L2 acquisition (10 CP)
• DPS 7 - practical skills (15 CP)
• DPS 9 - final module - master's thesis (30 CP)

Elective module:

• DPS 8.1 - Specialization in Literary and Cultural Studies (15 CP)
• DPS 8.2 - Linguistics specialization

DPS 1 consists of an introductory tutorial and individual definition by attending various events. DPS 2 consists of a course and is concluded with a term paper. DPS 3, DPS 5, DPS 6 each consist of 1 course and are concluded with a term paper or exam or portfolio. DPS 4 consists of 2 courses (1 in Frankfurt, 1 in Braga). DPS 7 consists of 2 courses and is concluded with a term paper or exam or portfolio. The compulsory elective module 8 consists of a seminar and a colloquium and is concluded with a term paper or exam or portfolio.

Duration of the thesis:
Processing time 6 months. The thesis can be written in German, Portuguese or English. A German summary must be submitted. The topic can only be issued when at least 75 CP have been achieved. 30 CP are awarded for successfully passing the final thesis. The work is supervised by a lecturer from Frankfurt and a lecturer from Braga.

Calculation of the overall grade:
The grade of the final module counts three times, the grades of the technical modules DPS 2, DPS 3, DPS 5, DPS 6 and DPS 8 count double, the grade of the module DPS 7 counts single. An arithmetic mean is calculated from these grades.