What are kidnappers in Harry Potter

When the darkness rises the light will not give way - Chapter XIV: In the Ministry

by Jacen

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When the darkness rises we don't give way to the light
Chapter XIV: In the Ministry

Harry stared at Professor McGonagall in horror. He felt like he was being torn from the inside. Ginny kidnapped! And Hermione, Fleur and Angelina too! And then another attack on the Ministry of Magic! It could only all be a bad joke. Frozen, he looked Professor McGonagall in the eye.
It was as if he felt nothing in that second. All emotions had given way to a yawning void. Ginny had been kidnapped and so were his sisters-in-law. His mind spun in circles. He repeated these sentences over and over in his head. â € œGinny was kidnapped.
Hermione, Fleur and Angelina too. An attack on the Ministry took place, there were injured.â €
He didn't know how long he sat motionless in his chair, staring at McGonagall. Was it only a few seconds? Or already minutes? He did not know. These sentences were repeated in his head again, â € œGinny has been kidnapped. Hermione, Fleur and Angelina too. An attack on the ministry took place
there were injuries.â €
He didn't notice Professor McGonagall's throat clearing. Not even her worried look.
â € œHarry? Are you all right? You understand, Kingsley wants to see you, â € said McGonagall.
Only now did Harry notice everything around him again. He simply nodded.
â € œIâ € ™ m on my way now! â € he managed, and hurriedly ran alongside Professor McGonagall. In her office, he immediately traveled through the chimney to the Ministry. Professor McGonagall's last words to him, â € œItâ € ™ s going to be all right, theyâ € ™ ll be found.â € He passed over, the words echoing again in his head â € œGinny was kidnapped.â €

As soon as he entered the atrium of the Ministry he saw the battle marks.
In some places there was still blood and there were clear traces of curse on the walls. As he made his way to Kingsley's office, he passed the ruined well. But he didn't seem to care about any of that. His concern for Ginny and his sisters-in-law was far greater than his concern for the Ministry. Most of all, his concern for Ginny drowned out everything else.
When he got to Kingsley's office, his secretary stopped him.
â € œWhen can I announce? â € she asked with a whisper.
Harry felt his inner emptiness suddenly fill with blazing anger.
He got no further. The office door opened and a concerned Kingsley pulled him in.
Harry didn't see Kingsley give his secretary an apologetic look and then close the door.
Harry sat down in one of the armchairs in front of Kingsley's desk and sighed heavily. All the anger was suddenly gone and he literally slumped.
But he just had to ask Kingsley.
â € œKingsley, what happened? How could that happen? Why and who is behind it? I mean ... I ... "Harry began, but Kingsley cut him off with a hand gesture and sat in the chair across from Harry.
â € œWe donâ € ™ t know why Harry. We only know about the kidnapping of Ginny and the others from the attackers. They just walked into the Ministry and immediately threw them around with curses. After four of them were already incapacitated, they withdrew. One left a parchment behind. There he describes the kidnapping of Ginny, Hermione, Fleur and Angelina and threatens further attacks on the Ministry, Hogwarts and me. We donâ € ™ t know any more than that.â € œ described the Minister of Magic.
â € žCan I have the letter once? â € œ asked Harry. He swallowed when Kingsley handed him the piece of parchment. The black-haired man read the letter carefully. Anger flared up again as he read the description of the kidnapping.
He consciously forced himself to breathe calmly again and put his anger aside. He needed a clear head now. He had to find Ginny and the others.
â € žKingsley, I want to go find her.â € œ said Harry firmly.
Kingsley looked at him searchingly, but then nodded. â € œI didnâ € ™ t expect anything else. Edward Limbel, on the other hand, doesn't want you to go looking.
Since you have now recovered, he wants you to take over my protection with a few others. He's dividing the rest of the Aurors between the Ministry and Hogwarts. "
Harry grimaced slightly. â € œKingsley, I know heâ € ™ s my supervisor, but I donâ € ™ t obey that order. Ginny is my wife and the others are my sisters-in-law! I can't just sit here and dodgy after you. If need be, I will quit the service and search on my own.â €
â € œHarry, you donâ € ™ t have to. I have already told Limbel that you will be assigned to the search and also lead it. However, neither he nor I can give you more than two Aurors. Protecting Hogwarts and the Ministry is a priority. But you can choose the two. The Auror Department now knows about the kidnapping and I think if you show up there there will be a few volunteers. But the three of you are still too few, so the Order of the Phoenix will meet at headquarters in an hour.
You can bring the two Aurors with you. I think some of the Order will surely want to come along, especially since some are as affected as you Harry, "Kingsley replied calmly. â € œI will not be able to come to the meeting though, I have a lot to do here for now. So go ahead, take you to the Auror Department and then to headquarters. I wish you every success, I know you can do it.â €
Harry nodded and stood up. When he opened the door he turned once more to Kingsley, who was already absorbed in some reports and wanted to say something. But then he made a different decision and hurried to the Auror Department.


Emily sat in the Auror Department listening to Edward Limbel's report.
Her head injury had been taken care of quickly. A stone had actually hit her from the blasted well. The wound was closed with a simple healing spell.
Limbel was just splitting the Aurors between Hogwarts and the Ministry.
He himself would take over the protection of the Minister of Magic with four other Aurors. It had just ended when Harry Potter rushed into the meeting room.
â € œAh Mr. Potter, I was expecting you. Am I correct in assuming you are in charge of finding your wife and sisters-in-law? Â € asked Limbel.
â € žYes right, â € œ said Harry. He looked quite prepared for Emily.
Limbel had already told about the kidnapping of Ginny Potter and Fleur, Hermione and Angelina Weasley. He had also mentioned that two volunteers were wanted to support Harry. Immediately she made up her mind to help.
â € œIâ € ™ m still looking for two volunteers who want to help me. Is there anyone? Â € Harry asked all of the Aurors present.
Emily stood up immediately and said, â € œI am here. I will help you.â €
Harry nodded his thanks and her heart beat faster immediately.
â € œKeep calm, â € she admonished herself in thought. â € œYou will look for his wife and sisters-in-law and not have a date.â €
Another Auror stood up and expressed his support, it was Erik McNeal.
Emily had completed the training with him and Harry at the time.
All three of them were among the best aurors at the moment and had therefore also been in charge of the assignment in the Forrest of Dean. McNeal had been injured as well as Harry, but he had recovered from the simple shock spell faster than Harry had recovered from his injuries.
Emily nodded to Erik and then joined Harry with him.
Limbel stepped forward from behind the dais and nodded. â € œGood thing that has now been resolved, everyone on their posts. I expect regular interim reports from the teams around and at Hogwarts and at the Ministry, and Potter, good luck with the search.â € With that, he stepped through the side exit and disappeared from Emily's field of vision.
â € œAnd what? Where do we start? Â € asked Erik.
â € œWeâ € ™ re leaving the Ministry and Iâ € ™ m taking you to an Order of the Phoenix meeting. I trust you, but you still have to promise not to tell anyone where the headquarters of the Order is or who is a member. "
Both Emily and Erik immediately gave him the promise and the three of them went into the atrium and Apparated, led by Harry, to the headquarters of the Phoenix Order.

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