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Automatic license plate reading systems (AKLS) - Automobile raster search

The next BonBon is in the form of a draft bill from Lambrecht (Ministry of Justice).
The draft law for the further development of the code of criminal procedure
and to change other regulations.



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This includes the creation of a power to automatic number plate recognition in public traffic areas for search purposes (§§ 163g StPO-E)

We once defended ourselves massively against the license plate scanners of the toll stations and even filed a lawsuit against the Brandenburg “license plate data storage facility”.

In this context, I would think it would be good if we could revive our old activities and address this issue.

Although the numerous vehicle scanners that have already been set up should actually only be used for a toll collection, the technical implementation is ultimately the responsibility of the federal states. I can hear something trapping.

The ministry spokesman told netzpolitik org. :

"Whether existing AKLS devices that are currently used for other control purposes can also be used for [investigation purposes] in the future would have to be decided by the individual federal states."

Definitely a case for the PIRATES.