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Swimming with dolphins: an unforgettable experience

Whether for therapeutic reasons, to fulfill a childhood dream or simply as a special highlight of the holiday - swimming with a dolphin remains an unforgettable experience. The fact that the sensitive mammals prefer the warm regions and the sea will certainly help you when planning your vacation. We'll show you eight holiday destinations where you can get as close as possible to the bottlenose dolphins.

1. Swim with dolphins in Florida

Florida is rightly considered the center of dolphin swimming and therefore offers a whole range of opportunities to get close to the intelligent marine life. Our particular preference is the Dolphin Cove Research & Education Center in Key Largo. Here the animals decide for themselves how close they want to get to people in free swimming and can keep a species-appropriate distance. Direct contact can also be sought at structured swim, where a supervisor mediates between dolphin and human and ensures the necessary safety.

In addition to Dolphin Cove, Florida has a whole bunch of unique places to visit, all with one Car rental in Florida can be reached within a few hours. Whether it's Everglades National Park, NASA Kennedy Space Center or Disney World, everyone will quickly find what they are looking for in Florida.

2. Bimini: sensitive encounter with marine mammals

The Bahamas are best known for their beautiful beaches and their summery climate. A school for dolphin swimming has developed on this archipelago, which is trend-setting for the encounter between humans and animals. Bimini has made it their business to make the approach between dolphin and swimmer as gentle as possible for both sides. Especially if you are swimming with a dolphin for the first time or have little diving experience, the WildQuest program can offer a sensitive introduction.

3. Varadero: with the catamaran for a dolphin swim

If you already have some diving experience and want to see dolphins offshore and swim with them, then Cuba offers you a unique opportunity to do so. The small town of Varadero is only ten minutes away from the port of Marina, from which you can set off by catamaran. In small groups of around 15 men, you will go on a dive with the dolphins, accompanied by a trainer. This trainer will then help you to make the initial contact between humans and animals as pleasant as possible. Varadero is well developed for tourism and can be easily reached from Germany by plane.

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Car rental in Cuba are usually difficult to come by spontaneously. It is therefore worthwhile to find out more in advance in Germany and to book a car in order to maintain flexibility on vacation.

4. Ogasawara archipelago: dreamy experiences on Japan's most beautiful islands

Dolphins certainly don't come to mind when you think of Japan. Dolphin swimming is also possible and popular in Japan if you only have a little patience. The Ogasawara archipelago, about a day's journey from Tokyo, makes up for it with a unique sight, which rightly made the archipelago a world heritage site in 2011. If you want to swim with the dolphins here, you should have some experience as a swimmer or at least have learned to snorkel in advance. Anyone who takes this effort will get their money's worth thanks to the unique landscape and crystal clear water.

5. Lajes do Pico: Europe's spot for a date with dolphins

There are also many opportunities within Europe to get as close as possible to the bottlenose dolphins. From Lajes do Pico, located on the Portuguese island of Pico, there are daily trips to the sea. There you have the chance to dive with the dolphins for three hours. Small groups make it possible to keep the experience individual and to make the dance with the dolphins a unique experience.

6. Marmaris: Experience dolphins up close in their element

For those who don't want to venture too far out to sea, the Dolphin Therapy & Activity Center in Marmaris, Turkey is an ideal opportunity to get close to the animals without having to trust a boat. The park is right by the sea and offers different ways to get close to the animals, depending on personal preference. Whether watching dolphins, swimming with them or even trying yourself a day as a dolphin trainer: The Dolphin Therapy & Activity Center fulfills all of these wishes.

Note that swimming with dolphins in the Dolphin Therapy & Activity Center is only possible for children aged 12 and over without an adult. In the high season from June to August you should book online in advance due to the high demand.

7. Curaçao: Dolphin therapy in the Dutch Caribbean paradise

The Curaçao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center (CDTC) has set itself the task of helping people with various diseases such as autism, Down syndrome or psychological complaints through dolphin therapy. During the entire duration of the therapy, the patient is accompanied and individually cared for by experienced doctors and therapists. And for those accompanying them, Curaçao also offers the opportunity to find a little relaxation themselves and to follow the patient's progress with their own eyes.

8. Balearic Islands: contribute to the protection of dolphins with Oceancare

Finally, a special kind of travel tip: If you are attracted by the proximity to dolphins, but a little afraid of water yourself, the Balearic Islands offer you a different type of encounter. Here you can be close to the dolphins as well as actively contribute to their rescue. Oceancare allows you to follow the dolphins' paths on a sailing ship for two weeks. During the drive along the Balearic Islands, you will see whales and sea turtles as well as dolphins. In addition, with your observations, you are actively involved in a research project on the survival of marine animals in the Mediterranean. Your work therefore contributes directly to the protection of marine mammals.

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