What animals get acne

Cat acne: how to properly treat chin acne in cats

What is chin acne in cats?

Also known as feline acne, cat acne usually occurs on the animal's chin and manifests itself here as blackheads and pimples, which tend to settle on areas of the body rich in sebum glands. If the first inflammations develop through pustules of the acne, in rare cases these can spread over a large area of ​​the cat's skin. However, there is no sustainable scientific explanation for the phenomenon of this skin disease.

For this reason, the causes of cat chin acne also seem variable. While acne is an integral part of adulthood in humans, there is no such link in cat acne. Sometimes the animals can be affected for a lifetime, sometimes the acne disappears again within a few days. As with dogs, the cat's face and chin area must be classified as sensitive skin regions that tend to produce high levels of sebum and are therefore somewhat susceptible.

In addition to the chin, cat acne also affects the mouth and nose in rare cases. Especially in the area around the mouth, such as the lower lip, sebum and pores should therefore be checked regularly and the first blackheads, also known as comedones, removed if necessary. Not only the house tiger is affected by such a skin disease, other four-legged friends such as dogs also suffer from acne diseases, which, however, can have completely different effects.