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Telekom: All-IP conversion of DSL resellers completed

Telekom: All-IP changeover among resellers
Image: Telekom / VATM Telekom's All-IP changeover means that all telephone landline connections in Germany will be implemented using the Internet protocol by the end of this year - ISDN and the analog landline network will then be history.

However, not only consumers who have signed their contracts directly with Telekom are affected by the changeover, but also customers of resellers. So if o2, Vodafone, 1 & 1, easybell or other providers (V) have rented DSL connections from Telekom in order to pass them on to customers, these connections must also be migrated to All-IP. Telekom: All-IP changeover among resellers
Image: Telekom / VATM

Changeover in close coordination

Telekom and VATM, which represents the resellers as an industry association, announced today that an important interim result has now been achieved with the conversion measures.

Since 2015, Telekom, together with the telecommunications company, has switched over 1.5 million DSL data connections to the IP protocol. In technical terms, such a connection leased from a reseller at Telekom is called a DSL wholesale connection. All DSL wholesale connections have now been transferred to the new IP infrastructure.

During the migration, Telekom and the resellers always had to coordinate closely with one another. Because it must be possible for customers to switch providers even in such a changeover phase. Problems arose again and again. Sometimes, however, IP migration problems were generalized and hyped up, which then turned out to be individual cases. In any case, an attempt was made to reduce switching times to a minimum for reseller customers as well.

There is still work to be done

However, the all-IP conversion is still not complete, not even for resellers. This year, the ongoing migration of the pure voice telephone and ISDN multi-device connections without DSL data to IP technology must be completed. Obviously such connections are not only available directly from Telekom, but also from resellers.

In any case, as reported, Deutsche Telekom wants all customers with a pure telephone connection to switch to All-IP by the end of the year.