What are pleasant noises

Meerbusch (dpa-infocom) - Many can work better when there is background noise. Forest, sea, rain, café house: a new website provides you with a wide variety of soundscapes if you wish.

Certain ambient noises can promote concentration and creativity. It is not for nothing that you see a lot of people sitting in the café with their notebooks because they find the typical background noise stimulating and thus can work better. If you prefer such an environment yourself but don't want to leave the house, you can either turn on the radio - or visit noisli.com. The website offers various background sounds that instantly create a mood.

With a click of the mouse there is rain, thunderstorms, splashing water, the surf of the sea, the crackling of the fireplace or the rustling of leaves. The typical sounds of a forest by day or night and even the sound of a busy café are also available. The noises can even be combined as desired and played at different volumes. This is how you build your own soundscape.

Noisli becomes a real tool for creativity and productivity with the integrated word processor, which has little more to offer than, for example, the Windows note program. This ensures distraction-free work. At least the text can be formatted with Markdown, a simple markup language. There is also a download function to save what has been written on the computer.

In addition, the constantly changing background color should provide variety and thus attract attention. The matt pastel tones also have a calming effect. According to the provider, users can not only put their own texts on digital paper better, but also read other people's texts more relaxed.