Where can you get a watercolor tattoo

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The history of watercolor tattoos

The watercolor tattoos are inspired by a style of fine arts that goes back to the early days of water color painting in the 9th century. Like these artists, the tattoo artists use stylistic elements from cubism and the watercolor technique. In general, because of the tattoo technique, tattooists have never had such opposing opinions as with this tattoo style. Many are familiar with the classic tattoo technique and like motifs with outlines and opaque colors. Two Czech tattoo artists brought the trend to Germany. The first Watercolor tattoos amazed the tattoo fans and critics claim that the tattoo style is just a fashionable appearance and does not last long anyway.

The watercolor tattoo today

Nowadays lie Watercolor tattoos trending and gaining popularity. Due to the numerous motifs and designs, there are no limits to the creativity of the artists. An often controversial question is the durability of these tattoos. Any tattoo will fade over time and the contours of the tattoo will blur. They lose their initial appearance, so that experienced tattoo artists advise to have these tattoos done in areas protected from UV rays and not to forget outlines. This means that the actual motif is retained, even if the colors fade. Of course, after a while you can also re-pierce the tattoo. In general, these tattoos are recommended for light skin types, as the colors need a suitable background in order to develop their opacity. You should also make sure that the Watercolor tattoos need a lot of space and will therefore be the main actor in the respective position. In principle, women more often dare to get a new watercolor style tattoo, but this is just as suitable for men.