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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM & Office 365 in use

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM POC in the financial industry

Dynamics 365 CRM, Office 365, Azure and SAP!

The financial industry and especially large companies in the financial sector are known to be very conservative in IT issues and always a few "more" versions behind the current state of the art.

But that should change now! And on a scale that has never been seen before.

Technologies used:

The starting position & requirements:

It all started with an inquiry like we've never had you before.
A well-known customer from the financial industry asks us for a POC - Proof of Concept. But on the same scale as others implement a Dynamics 365 CRM application.

However, the background explains why. The company has grown historically, has bought companies and products in the course of its growth strategy and thus also various technologies.
The IT landscape is diverse, self-programmed and based on the know-how of employees, some of whom are no longer in the company. A situation that often occurs in medium-sized and large companies, but is difficult to manage from an IT point of view.

The request:
You want to replace the entire company software and infrastructure in one go, using the latest Microsoft cloud technologies:

  • Dynamics 365 CRM as a customer hub
  • Office 365 with Exchange Online & Skype for internal communication
  • SAP ERP based on Microsoft Azure
  • Power BI as a central reporting platform

But first you want to test the whole thing!

The mission:
An agile development of a company application on Dynamics 365 CRM and SAP ERP, which can replace all existing processes from the 89 legacy systems.

Why was Microsoft Dynamics 365 chosen?

In order to support the rapid growth of the financial market on the IT side, the company decided on the aforementioned Platform-as-a-Service solution, the core of which is Dynamics 365 CRM. This gives you the best solution for employees and the entire company, but customers would also benefit. The limits of what is possible should no longer be the performance of IT!

Because digitalization and scaling is almost unlimited with Dynamics 365 and that at the push of a button!

Furthermore, one was certain that it couldn't be off-the-shelf business software.
The company has special requirements for the company software and they wanted a platform and central access to all data. The high adaptability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ideal for mapping company processes across departments.