How CRM can help you in e-commerce

Growth hacking: how important a CRM system is for digital sales

With growth hacking into the year 2030: Digitization has made its way completely. In the world of digital trade in goods and services, data-driven contact and the management of this contact has become a fundamental strategic instrument. The tools for this are Customer relationship management systems, CRM for short. They offer the possibility of bundling all in-house processes that are important for the provision of goods and services on one platform. A CRM system offers important interfaces to all channels that help to reach customers, to maintain contact with customers, to continuously improve them - and of course to open up new markets or market segments.

CRM system as the foundation of a digitization strategy

As relevant as these CRMs are for companies, it is important to skillfully adapt them to the respective needs. Partners such as reqPOOL, a management consultancy for software, support the development of innovative CRM strategies and solutions and a Digitization strategy work out for companies. Florian Schnitzhofer, managing director of reqPOOL is convinced that “in the future, CRM will be the foundation of a overall corporate strategy will be. Those who cannot handle their customers' digital data will not survive the next decade ”.

Growth hacking: new markets, new methods

Developing these channels is a key component on the way to corporate success in the digital world of sales. The focus is on a method from the world of start-ups that is based on generating maximum attention on all channels relevant to a company with minimal effort: growth hacking. The classic marketing methods with creativity, digital sales approaches and channels with new digital platforms and - above all - enriched with analytical evaluation methods. Growth hacking enables companies to open new channels to potential new customers.

We are talking about social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat or WhatsApp. Customers are given the opportunity to independently become aware of the products on offer. And they should make independent purchasing decisions. The new channels are connected to the company's own CRM system. This means that relevant data comes together in one place. The advantages of digital sales are obvious. With just a few clicks of the mouse, the reach of the sales process can be increased significantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The investment costs pay for themselves quickly. Once in operation, these systems generate additional income on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Analysis of user behavior

Digital software solutions for the management, documentation and administration of sales and marketing processes are not new. Experts expect an increase in the functionalities of the systems in the coming years - that includes Networking with social media and other channels. Relevant visitor, interest and existing customer data are evaluated and analyzed at a central point. The CRM system then enables a 360-degree view of customers.

Whether it is a question of purchases or decision-making criteria, usage data or consumption habits, the Buyer leaves digital traces. The targeted use of this acquired data allows companies to generate knowledge about customers, to channel this knowledge and to convert one-off customers into returning customers after an initial purchase. Selling existing customers additional services or products - i.e. up- and cross-selling - is the supreme discipline of sales.

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