How did Steven Seagal get so fat

Ten stars from the 80s - and what became of them

Slimming down for the job: “Star Wars” stars Mark Hamill (61, Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (56, Princess Leia) are too fat for the planned sequel, they have to shed 20 kilos. But it's not just for these two celebrities, who had their heyday in the 80s. shows ten film stars with whom we have gone through thick and thin over the past three decades:

1. Keanu Reeves (48)

Keanu Reeves in the 80s in the movie "Bill & Ted's crazy journey through time" and now with a double chin

Double chin and shaggy look instead of a smart teenage dream. This is how the transformation of Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves can be summed up in a nutshell.

At the Cannes Film Festival in mid-May, the "Matrix" actor shocked with a bloated face and unkempt hair. In the 80s, Keanu was a crush on countless girls as Ted Logan in the movie "Bill & Ted's Crazy Journey through Time". After that, he kept himself crisp and slim, but the latest photos from Cannes probably present Reeves from his plump side.

2. Kirstie Alley (62)

For years, Kirstie Alley has been struggling with her pounds, which are sometimes more, sometimes less

Sometimes thick, sometimes thin, then chubby again and a short time later slimmed down: Kirstie Alley is the queen of the yo-yo effect.

In the 80s and 90s she turned the heads of men especially with her wild long mane and her dream body. In 1989 the breakthrough came at the side of John Travolta (59) in "Look who's talking". Then it went with the curves on a wild roller coaster ride of the kilos.

3. Val Kilmer (53)

Val Kilmer as the "Top Gun" star and currently with a shaggy look

His look from "Top Gun" - unforgettable!

Pouty lips, muscular body, light blonde hair styled with gel and an attractive look made him famous in 1986. There is not much left of the former dream type potential. Today Val's hair is long and lank, and the double chin cannot be overlooked.

4. Matthew Broderick (51)

Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller and today with nerd glasses and parted hair

He was too cool for school!

"Ferris makes blue" catapulted Broderick as a young star into actor heaven and his posters on the children's room walls of many teenage girls. In the high school comedy, Broderick plays Ferris Bueller, a master at truant. He has not retained his style from then, today his wife is the most confident of style in his life. He has been married to “Sex And The City” darling Sarah Jessica Parker (48) since 1997, and they have three children together.

5. John Travolta (59)

"Saturday Night Fever" made John Travolta a famous sex symbol

Two films turned the young Travolta into a Casanova of hearts: “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease” led to star hype, fame and sex appeal.

His white suit and the hair fool made Travolta a real heartthrob. The now almost 60-year-old actor has still held up well, but emulates his youthful self a little too much.

6. Steven Seagal (61)

Action hero Steven Seagal then and now

The bad guy becomes the heavyweight.

The US action star is one of the most successful Hollywood actors. He is the perfect cast for hard roles like in "Nico", "Hard to Kill" or "Released to kill". In the 80s and 90s, his gaze did not allow for any compromises. Meanwhile, the tough guy has become a real pounding guy, Seagal has gained a lot and with his 1.92 meters he looks even more beefy.

7. Kathleen Turner (59)

Kathleen Turner, left with Michael Douglas in “Romancing The Stone” (1984), has also grown over the years

Photo: dpa Picture Alliance

It brought Michael Douglas (68) to white heat at the end of the 80s.

In "The War of the Roses" both play a married couple who want a divorce. It is anything but peaceful, so that Turner and Douglas end up lying dying in their house and making no peace. With her wild, blond, curly mane and her often icy look, she became a sex symbol. Years later, Turner lost her '80s look and added pounds instead.

8. Don Johnson (63)

Sexy Miami Vice cop Don Johnson is a gentleman today

"Miami Vice" made him a cool cop!

The cop series (1984-1989) made Johnson world famous as cop James "Sonny" Crockett, and his cool look hit the bull's eye with women. Melanie Griffith was not the only one who fell for his charm, the two were married twice and have a daughter. The hot cop from back then has become a gentleman with gray and long hair.

9. William Shatner (82)

William Shatner aka Captain Kirk then and now

Captain Kirk beamed him to Star Heaven.

As Jim Kirk in "Spaceship Enterprise" Shatner became a serial and cinema hero. Even his mustard-yellow space uniform couldn't do anything to his charming look. Fans around the world looked up to the captain. There is not much left of the former superhero style. But apart from a slightly bloated face, the 82-year-old has held up well.

10. Jack Nicholson (76)

The light hair could already be guessed at Jack Nicholson in the 80s

Bye-bye sex appeal ...

The superstar exuded his very own charisma in 1989 as a joker in "Batman" or in "Heartburn". Even then, his hair wasn't that full anymore, but his mostly female fans didn't care. Three Oscars and twelve nominations later, the American has become one of the greatest actors in the world. And what about the outside? Well, at some point the hamburgers will make themselves felt.