Why are you using a substation

Digital substation

Recently, electricity networks (SE) have developed into intelligent networks (SmartGrid) with bidirectional energy flow. The use of renewable energy sources is also developing dynamically. The networks use advanced IT solutions that ensure that all elements of the SE work together effectively to ensure mutual access to the services provided.

Such trends require the introduction of significant changes in the power plants at the measurement and control level. Substation automation elements require interaction with devices (transformers, protective devices) that operate in different stations of the substation. The use of digital communication between devices enables the free exchange of information between individual elements of the distributed automation at the station.


The SO-52-MUAController is used in modern digital power plants. It plays the role of a specialized converter for measuring voltage and current signals from individual substation panels. Depending on the design variant, the device can be placed in a shaft near conventional current and voltage transformers or it can be installed in a closed room that protects against adverse weather conditions. The controller works together with other devices in substation automation systems (SAS) via the LVDS process bus.

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Sample device SO-52-MUA with the MPA-370-03 package used


The SO-52-MUIODevice is used in modern digital power plants as a specialized system for collecting binary signals from primary devices and the necessary controls in the power plant shafts. The device provides information on the current status of the primary devices via the process bus. This information is required by the Substation Automation Master (SAS) to implement the controls.

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Sample device SO-52-MUIO


The controller SO-52v11-SER-PB performs all monitoring and automation tasks in the area of ​​a modern digital substation. In terms of measurements, control and signaling, the control corresponds functionally to the SO-52v11-SER control. Additional functions for fault recording, localization of fault locations, power quality analysis and synchronism testing have also been implemented. The "PB" version of the controller has network communication interfaces for receiving measurement samples from the process bus.

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Sample device SO-52v11-SER-PB