How do I completely remove forehead pimples

Subterranean pimples: This helps reduce the bumps under the skin

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On the chin, on the cheek, on the nose or on the forehead ... Most of the time we feel them before we see them. Suddenly there is a lump under the skin that, once it is there, we can no longer displace it. An underground pimple tempts us to push around wildly. Somehow the old thing has to go away again. Squeezing it out is just the wrong way to get rid of underground pimples quickly.

Where do underground pimples come from?

In principle, underground pimples develop in exactly the same way as "normal" pimples: The skin pores clog due to an overproduction of sebum and dead skin cells. The result: bacteria multiply inside and inflammation occurs. This shows up as a red and purulent pimple on the surface of the skin.

In underground pimples, these clogged pores are deeper. As a result, the pimple shows up only as a red bump under the skin. Only after a few days does the pimple move outwards and a pus point becomes visible.

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Getting Rid of Pimples Under the Skin: The Best Home Remedies

The annoying thing about underground pimples: No matter how long we press on them, the culprit won't come out. Instead, we only distribute the bacteria by pressing and squeezing and the inflammation, ergo the pimples under the skin, becomes even greater. In short, the wrong treatment will only make things worse. Grrr!

So what can we do about encapsulated pimples under the skin? Here are 4 home remedies that will help against underground pimples:

1. Cleanse your face regularly
So that the deep-seated underground pimple does not worsen, but on the contrary can slowly heal, it is important to clean the face every morning and evening. PH-neutral washing gels with natural ingredients clean the facial skin thoroughly without drying it out.

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2. Treat the face with heat
If an underground pimple persists and just doesn't want to come to the surface, you can help it with the combination of heat and moisture. To do this, soak a freshly washed washcloth in warm water and place it on the affected skin area for a few minutes. You can repeat the whole thing several times a day.

3. Steam bath with chamomile against underground pimples
A steam bath with chamomile is even more effective. To do this, brew a handful of chamomile flowers (available in health food stores or pharmacies) in a large pot with about 2 liters of boiling water. Hold your head over it and place a large towel over your head and pot. Be careful not to get your head too close to the water. The hot steam and the essential oils of chamomile open the pores and have an anti-inflammatory effect. With this home remedy, you can bring the underground pimples to the surface faster.

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4. Treat pimples under the skin with tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is one of the home remedies for underground pimples. The ingredients it contains have an antimicrobial effect, which means nothing other than that they reduce the multiplication of bacteria. However, you should be sparing when using tea tree oil against pimples. Two drops on a cotton swab are sufficient. Use it to dab the bump under the skin in the morning and in the evening. Important: clean your face beforehand.

Danger: Some people are allergic to tea tree oil. Make sure to test out beforehand whether you can tolerate the oil.

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Does draft ointment help against underground pimples?

Yes, pull ointment can be a remedy for underground pimples, because it brings the pus that is in the pore to the surface. Important when using pull ointment: It should only be applied selectively to the deep-seated pimple, as the substances can irritate healthy skin. It's best to put a very small amount of the pulling ointment on a cotton swab and then dab the black ointment on the pimple.

Don't be frightened: pulling ointment makes the pimple look worse. It becomes redder, thicker and a pus head may become visible. But that is exactly the goal. Because the pimple can only heal completely on the surface. Very important: Resist the temptation to squeeze the pus!

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Should I prick underground pimples?

A clear answer: no! You really should have underground pimples never prick. Not only can you make the pimple worse because you spread the bacteria in the skin layer. Pricking deep pimples can also have serious health consequences such as: B. have blood poisoning.

Pimples in the T-zone (nose and forehead) and above the upper lip are particularly dangerous, because this is where facial nerves run, which can become inflamed by trying to prick the pimple. In serious cases, meningitis can even be threatened. So hands off!

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Prevention: This way you don't even get deep-seated pimples

The best strategy to avoid nasty deep-seated pimples under the skin in the first place: Hands off your face. We subconsciously touch our faces around 400 times a day. And every time, bacteria get from our hands to the skin. Because no matter how often we wash our hands - they are never 100% bacteria-free. Touching less in the face means fewer germs on the skin, i.e. fewer pimples caused by bacteria.

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Another strategy to prevent subterranean pimples is regular exfoliants. They clean the skin and remove dead skin that can clog pores. Here you can find out how you can easily make skin-friendly peelings yourself!

Special case: subterranean pimples under the armpit

So far we've only talked about subterranean pimples on the nose, chin or forehead. The lumps under the skin can also appear under the armpit. In contrast to the face, however, the cause is usually not clogged pores, but ingrown hair or inflamed sweat glands.

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In order for the inflammation and thus the lump under the skin to disappear quickly, you should first refrain from shaving. Some deodorant sprays can also irritate the already stressed skin. Instead, use mild deodorants for sensitive skin, e.g. B. in the pharmacy there. A home remedy for these types of pimples under the skin is using anti-inflammatory ointments containing calendula.

One last important thing: Skin care is always very individual. Only you can judge for yourself whether the tips or products presented by us work for you. If you have very sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, it may be advisable to see a skin specialist. You are guaranteed to find the care that suits your skin's needs.

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