Great writing gets noticed

7 simple tricks to write great headlines

Many of your readers scanned hundreds of headlines before they even had their first cup of coffee.

But they are tough. They rigorously scan all articles in their RSS feed or on their social media timeline.

If your headline is weak here, then you've lost your chance.

Your headline must stand out. She must be a promise submit. she must to convince.

Sometimes the perfect headline just comes to me.

But sometimes I need more than an hour. A good headline takes time.

To give you a little help here, I have seven specific tips for you that you can use immediately next time you write.

Here we go.

1. Use specific numbers

Nothing is as uninteresting as vague statements.

On the other hand, we humans are very interested in specific facts! They grab your reader's attention.

That's why copywriters have been using numbers in their headlines and copywriting for almost 100 years.

Specific numbers work.

Using a number in your headline almost always boils down to a list post.

Here your reader still has the advantage that he exactly knows what to expect. You promise him an easy, fast and scanner-friendly reading experience.

And this study also shows that numbers work best.


  • List Post: 51 iconic headline templates that work
  • Question: Are You Making These 10 Mistakes With Your Blog?

2. Use interesting adjectives

Interesting adjectives make your headline really exciting and enticing.

Here are 13 commonly used and tried Adjectives:

  • fast
  • easy
  • free
  • Great
  • important
  • incredible
  • amazing
  • effortless
  • laborious
  • funny
  • strange
  • smart
  • shocking

Make sure you spice up each headline with a few interesting adjectives. These are quick ways to make them more attractive.


  • Well: How to start a smart blog quickly and easily
  • Bad: How to start a blog

3. Use interesting terms

In addition to using interesting adjectives, you should also use interesting terms.

Here are 11 commonly used and tried Terms:

  • reasons
  • Principles
  • Facts
  • Lessons
  • Ideas
  • ways
  • Secrets
  • Tricks
  • Tips
  • techniques
  • Strategies

These make your headline even more specific and thus more attention-grabbing.

Are you talking about lessons you've learned? Paths Your Reader Can Take? Or just tips that will help him? Always be as specific as possible.


  • Well: 6 ways to blog successfully
  • Bad: Blogging Successfully

4. Use the 4 W’s

Every good journalist knows the W questions. As a smart blogger, you can make some of your own here and project them onto your headlines.

These 4 W's are:

These are perfect words to add to your headline start. They contain an indirect promise for your reader and automatically convince him to continue reading.


  • What: What is smart blogging?
  • Why: Why is smart blogging so important?
  • How: How do you become a smart blogger?
  • When: When do you become a smart blogger?

5. Address your reader directly

I see this mistake everywhere. Not just with bloggers, but with everyone who is on social media.

One thing must be clear to you:

If someone reads your blog article or listens to your podcast, then they are alone.

It is one direct Communication with your reader. And not with a large mass of people!

Seth Godin said in 1997 that the internet is the greatest direct marketing medium. And he's so right about that. You communicate directly with your reader. Only with him.

Therefore, use words like “you” or “you”.

Take a look at this article alone. How often does the word "you" appear? Because just as I am writing this, I have a picture of my perfect customer in front of me. And I am writing this text just for him.


  • Well: How to write a good headline
  • Bad: How to write good headlines

6. Be contradicting

Contradictions generate curiosity. And curiosity attracts attention.

That's why it's always effective to include conflicting elements in your headline.

A good example is the headline of this blog article: There are simple Tricks to great Write headings. It was enough to arouse your curiosity! 😉

But there is more. This headline is only slightly controversial. Take a look at the following examples. Then it'll be even clearer.


  • Well: How I made a million with this stupid mistake
  • Bad: How I made a million

7. Make a daring promise

Your headline is a promise. Not more.

You sell always something. In this case, you are selling the reading to the potential reader.

He must have something of it.

Therefore, make sure that your headline always promises something to your reader. If that is the case, then you are automatically communicating a benefit.

So be brave, but don't overdo it. A promise of super duper mega hype can backfire very quickly.

You have to start with your actual text always deliver!

Just promise your reader that you will teach them something.

Maybe a new skill? What will he do easier, faster or better? Maybe a few tricks for writing great headlines? 😉


  • Well: How to lose 5 pounds
  • Bad: About fitness

Use these 2 simple formulas

From almost all of the seven points we can create two wonderful formulas:

Number + adjective + term + keyword + promise

An example could look like this: 3 Easy Ways to Blogging Successfully.

The other formula looks a bit different:

W-word + adjective + keyword + promise

An example would look like this: Why your emails have bad open rates (and what to do about it).

Actually super easy, right?


With these seven simple tricks, your headline will stand out from the crowd.

So use specific numbers, interesting adjectives, and interesting terms. Keep the four 4 W’s (what, why, how, when) in the back of your mind. Always speak directly to your reader and make a daring promise. And, if it fits, then incorporate contradicting elements.

Then your rigorous readers will pay more attention to your headline as they scan their RSS feed or social media timeline.

And you get a new reader. And maybe a new fan.

Your reader doesn't want to be tricked into reading something boring. So pull it into the actual text with tension.

And deliver more than you asked for.