What is the purpose of the Ingres database


The license model is the specially created "CA Trusted Open Source License" (CA-TOSL), which was submitted to the Open Source Initiative (OSI) for approval and determines that changes that users develop in the database flow back into the joint work have to.

A lot of work has gone into the open source release known as Ingres r3, according to Tony Gaughan, CA Senior Vice President. From a technical point of view, the system is now years ahead of the open source MySQL database. In addition to the cluster options borrowed from Oracle, they worked with Jboss on persistent data objects and the corresponding query mechanisms. Gaughan draws a comparison with Oracle 9i - he still grants the current 10g release some, but catchable, lead.

However, the manager sees Microsoft as the real opponent. Ingres will beat its SQL Server out of the running under the new conditions, so his prognosis. In Redmond, however, people are calm. Microsoft's product manager Tom Rizzo sees no competition between Ingres and the high-end version of SQL Server. He can only imagine a competition in relation to the SQL Server Desktop Engine. This will also be given free of charge in connection with the SQL Server 2005 planned for next year as an "Express" version. Analysts like Bill Claybrook from New River Marketing Research, which specializes in open source technologies, doubt that Ingress r3 will have a noticeable impact on the database market. (ue)