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There are currently 15 liposomal drugs approved by the American FDA, while many more are currently in international studies. InnoCan plans to combine steroid drugs with cannabidiols, which have been proven to enable lower steroid concentrations, and to deliver them to the focus of the disease using the liposomal injection method in order to dose the amount of active ingredient in the best possible way. InnoCan was recently able to report its figures for the past financial year. The company was able to raise new funds amounting to 6.2 million CAD from January to December 2020. In addition, CAD 3.8 million came from the exercise of warrants. The cash balance at the end of the year was around CAD 2.9 million with around CAD 1.3 million in liabilities. Six patent applications were filed in the last financial year. The stock is currently trading at $ 0.55, giving the company a market capitalization of $ 108 million. Two drugs have currently entered the animal testing phase, so there is still a long way to go before they can be approved. If you are willing to take risks and have patience, you should take a closer look at the title. https://www.kapitalerhoehungen.de/kommentare/innocan-pharma-cardiol-therapeutics-bevcanna-aufgepasst-unentdeckte-cannabis-kursraketen#toc-innocan-pharma-innovatives-injektionssystem-f-r-cbd-basierte-pharmazeutika